A Robot That Can Polish Your Nails for $10 in Under 10 Minutes Is Making Its Debut At Target

There are two typical options when it comes to getting a manicure. You can go to a manicurist to have it professionally done, or you can give yourself a DIY manicure at home. Either way, there are lots of variables, for example, you could choose to have a gel manicure, artificial nails, or keep it simple and just change the color of your nail polish. Regardless, it comes down to two options – do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Now there’s a third option.

There is a new robot that can paint your fingernails for you. Before you get images in your head of a robot that looks like a person (we’re thinking of “Star Wars” and “The Jetsons”), it’s much simpler than that. This robot looks like a box, can’t walk or talk and only serves one purpose – to expertly paint your nails for you.

If you’re not already intrigued, you probably will be by the price. The manicure only costs $10, less than most bottles of nail polish, and the entire manicure takes less than 10 minutes.

The robots, which are called Clockwork, are officially being tested at six Target locations. That means you can now do more than pick up everything on your shopping list (plus plenty of things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them) and enjoy an in-store Starbucks at your local Target store. You can also make an appointment online for an in-store robot manicure. For a limited time, the price is even lower than $10. You can book an appointment right now for just $8.

Watch the video below to see this manicure robot in action.

The only catch is that this manicure robot is currently only available at six Target locations. Do you want to get your nails painted by a robot? Click here to see if Clockwork is available at a Target store near you.

Do you usually pay for a professional to give you a manicure, or do you prefer DIY manicures? Would you trust a robot to paint your fingernails? Do you think Target should roll out the manicure robot to more locations?