While many people were celebrating the unofficial end of summer (Labor Day weekend), if you live in the Bahamas, you weren’t having a backyard BBQ; you were bracing yourself for Hurricane Dorian.

This life-threatening storm hit Grand Bahama Island and caused many people to seek shelter from the flood waters by climbing on top of buildings. Winds rose to 110mph, and cars, homes and trees all suffered damage.

When we think about hurricanes, we usually think about the people they affect. Thankfully, one person in the Bahamas was thinking about more than just the people impacted by the storm. She was thinking about the stray dogs.

Sure, dogs can swim, but can you imagine dogs being out in hurricane conditions trying to fend for their lives? Chella Phillips could, and she decided to do something about it.

Phillips opened her home to 97 dogs. Yes, 97 dogs were inside one house. She shared in a Facebook post on Sunday that not only were the dogs inside her home but 79 of them were actually in her bedroom.

That must have been wall to wall dogs! They were safe, so it was worth it.

Thankfully for Phillips, the dogs did not jump on her bed. As she wrote,

at least they are respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in.

Phillips is thankful for the donations that have been received to help her care for the dogs. If you would like to contribute towards helping The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas, you can do so here. 

Phillips wrote,

I need you all for financial support, to continue helping this island’s homeless. Just as important, I need your help to find forever homes for my babies.

If you have rescue contacts that might be able to take a few, or a spare dog bed/couch cushion that awaits a potcake, please let me know. We can’t do it all without you – please help!!