We’ve seen video of Anne Heche speeding down neighborhood streets before she crashed her car inside a residential home in Los Angeles. We’ve seen video taken inside the home after the car crash. Now, TMZ has shared audio of the 911 call a neighbor made when he witnessed the car crash.

At the beginning of the call, the caller explains, “A car just went through my neighbor’s house.” He described the car entering the house “very fast” and explained that the car was “in the second room” of the home.

The 911 operator clarified, “The car went all the way into the house?”

The caller responded to the question, “Yes, like 10 feet into the house.”

At the beginning of the call, the caller didn’t know at first if anyone was trapped inside the house or the car. The caller also described the crash and said he smelled smoke, but there weren’t any flames in the first couple minutes.

In the background of the call, we hear other people, probably neighbors, relaying information to the caller and answering questions he had such as if someone was trapped inside the car or not. Of course, we now know that the answer to that question is “yes” and that the person trapped inside was in fact actress Anne Heche. The caller did not know this.

During the call, the caller explains that he was told by someone to “get water” so he was trying to bring a hose over to the house. A couple minutes into the call, he explained that he now saw flames.

The 911 operator stayed on the phone with the caller until the fire department arrived at the scene, which took about 5 minutes after the call was originally placed.

The car and house ended up engulfed in flames. It took 59 firefighters over an hour to put out the fire and rescue Heche, who later died at the hospital.

Watch the video below to hear excerpts from this 911 call.

You can listen to an extended version of the call here: 911 audio

Heche was hospitalized for her injuries. Police opened an investigation and a blood test revealed that Heche had narcotics in her system. After her death, the LAPD dropped the investigation.