Footage from a home security camera caught Anne Heche’s blue Mini Cooper ripping through a residential neighborhood in the Mar Vista area of Los Angele. The footage was taken just seconds before Heche’s car hit a residential building and burst into flames.

Immediately before this footage a video from TMZ shows Heche’s car after it hit the garage of an apartment building and sped off.

The Emmy Award winning actress is in stable condition but has suffered severe burns and has a long road to recovery.

Her family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and to respect her privacy during this difficult time.

Thankfully there were not other injuries reported during this incident.

Heche released a new episode of her podcast “Better Together” just hours before the crash. In the episode Heche and co-host Heather Duffy discuss drinking vodka and wine while Heche also discusses having a “bad day”. It’s unclear when the episode was recorded. The episode has since been pulled from Apple’s podcast channel.