9-Year-Old Opera Singer Makes ‘AGT’ History When Judges Bend Rules to Send Her Forward

You never know what to expect when someone walks out onto the stage to perform on “America’s Got Talent.” The judges certainly didn’t know what to expect when a 9-year-old girl named Victory Brinker walked onto the stage.

Brinker told the judges that she was “exnervous,” which means a combination of excited and nervous. She gave short answers to all of Simon Cowell’s questions, but she said that she was from Pennsylvania and she was a singer.

As she stood on the stage waiting for the music to start playing, we don’t know what the judges expected, but it’s obvious they weren’t expecting such a big voice from such a little girl. She chose to sing “Juliet’s Waltz,” and the judges all looked amazed at what they were witnessing. Even Cowell seemed blown away.

When she was done singing, the audience cheered and gave her a standing ovation. She even got a standing ovation from all of the judges except Cowell. He remained seated.

It’s also worth noting that a bird had flown into the studio earlier while the show was being filmed, and it was spotted flying around near the ceiling. When Brinker finished singing, the bird landed on a box near her on the stage and shortly after flew off. It was magical and couldn’t have been executed any better if it had been planned.

The judges praised Brinker in their comments, and she probably felt pretty confident that her dream was going to come true. Her dream was to have all 4 judges say “yes” to move her on in the competition.

Then it was Cowell’s turn to talk to Brinker, and he did something rather strange. He asked to talk to host Terry Crews. Crews walked over to the judges, and they all had a brief conversation. Cowell could be heard whispering, “How would you feel if we were to do something different?” All of the judges seemed to agree with Cowell’s idea, but nobody else knew what he was up to.

Watch the video below to see Brinker’s performance for yourself and to find out what exactly Cowell decided to do as a special gift for Brinker.


Brinker must have been so nervous when Crews and the judges were deciding what to do about her fate in the competition, but she certainly seemed overwhelmed with joy and relief when they all hit the golden buzzer at the same time. It’s important to note that the judges can usually only hit the golden buzzer once during the competition, and all of the judges had already used their golden buzzer opportunity. This was truly a special and well-deserved exception.

What did you think of Brinker’s performance? Did it surprise you when all of the judges hit the golden buzzer at the same time?