Is there anything more annoying than being super hungry but way too tired to cook? It’s a feeling we know all too well! Whether you’ve had a long, hard week or you’re just having a lazy day, we’ve got your back. There are tons of snacks out there that require little effort and fewer ingredients to make, and they still taste great. Buzzfeed’s put together a tasty list, and we picked our favorites. Check them out!

      A recipe doesn’t have to be unhealthy just because it’s lazy! This Pizza-Inspired Flatbread incorporates tomatoes, feta cheese, herbs, olive oil and crispbread crackers for a snack that packs six grams of protein and only 175 calories.


GooeyCookieDoughDashing Dish
      Healthier than the store-bought tubed stuff, but just as addicting and easy. Dashing Dish creates this low-cal spreadable dough with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey, vanilla and chocolate chips.


Bacon-WrappedJalapenoPoppersBetty Crocker
      So much easier than you might think! All you need are jalapeños, bacon, cream cheese and chives.


      It’s literally just popcorn with melted butter and Sriracha. If you need exact amounts, click the link above to check out Wayfair’s recipe.


GrilledCheeseBitesCome Together Kids
      Bless the versatility of packaged crescent rolls. As Come Together Kids demonstrates, combine them with sliced American cheese, and you’ve got a bite-sized, super-easy version of everybody’s favorite sandwich.


Skinny Mozzarella SticksSimple Green Moms
      One of our favorites! All you need are eggs, wonton wrappers, string cheeses and olive oil, plus your favorite dipping sauce. We love the recipe from

Simple Green Moms

      , and Buzzfeed recommends this version from

Mommy Savers



LemonPuddingFood and Wine
      Even easier than a box, and totally gelatin free! This delicious dessert from Food and Wine is made with just lemons, sugar, heavy cream and a pinch of salt.


      Better than the boxed kind, but still easy! All you need is your microwave, a mug, pasta, cheese, milk and water, and you’ve got the perfect lazy portion of one of your faves.


PineappleIceMy Recipes
    Keep things simple, tropical and cooling with this healthy frozen treat.

How good do all of these look? There’s more where they came from over on Buzzfeed’s original list. Which one will you try first? What do you like to eat when you’re feeling lazy?