It seems that a lot of retail stores have gone out of business recently. While we like shopping online, we also feel a little bit sad seeing some classic stores shut their doors. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but we’ll miss Toys R Us and Gymboree.

While many stores struggle to keep up with retail giants like Amazon, there are a few stores that are thriving. One such store is TJ Maxx. If you’ve ever been inside a TJ Maxx store (and considering how well they’re doing, you probably have), you know that it’s like a department store but smaller. You also know that they have ever-changing inventory and low prices.

If you like getting a discount on pretty much everything pretty much any time of the year, than you probably like TJ Maxx and the other stores owned by their parent company, TJX Enterprises, Marshalls and HomeGoods. They carry everything from designer brands to products that they have been made specifically to sell at their stores, and everything is at a discount. TJ Maxx and Marshalls sells similar items, while HomeGoods focuses on things for your home – no shoes or clothing here.

While you can get great deals at any time of the day and any day of the year, we have discovered a few tips that help us save even more on our TJ Maxx runs. For example, you can get the lowest prices on Wednesday mornings, and you know a price is as low as it can go if it has a yellow tag.

Like any great discount store, if you find something you love, you better snatch it up when you see it because it may not be there the next time you go shopping. That’s part of the fun after all. You never know what treasures await.

While saving money is all well and good and is certainly helping to keep TJ Maxx thriving and competitive, it’s hard not to wonder just how exactly they manage to keep their prices so low.

It turns out that TJ Maxx has a few tricks that they use to maintain those bargain basement prices. We already mentioned that they have some merchandise designed specifically for their stores, which keeps the prices low. When it comes to designer labels, those products are usually from last season or even the season before that. They also snag great deals on orders that department stores place and then cancel.

Another trick TJ Maxx uses is that it has a pretty simple store design. There are no fancy window displays or expensive-looking setups in the store. It’s usually one big open space with a bare-bones dressing room and basic clothing racks and shelves holding all of the merchandise. By saving money on the store’s interior, the products stay low.

For even more tricks that TJ Maxx uses to keep their prices low, watch the video below.


Do you consider yourself a Maxxinista? Are you surprised at how TJ Maxx keeps their prices low?