What’s your favorite way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather? Mine is with a tasty iced coffee. Since I’ve been drinking hot coffee every day since October or November (I live in New England – enough said), the day when I’m finally warm enough to crave an iced coffee is a special day indeed. Luckily, it looks like warmer weather is finally on the horizon. So for those of you looking to celebrate like me, here are some excellent iced coffee recipes to try out at home!

  1. The Perfect “Magic” Iced Coffee Recipe:

    If you want a regular cup of iced coffee, this is how you’ll want to make it. Cinnamon and brown sugar give this cold brea some nice sweetness with the perfect amount of spice.

  2. Skinny Caramel Frappuccino:
    coffee_caramelAverie Cooks

    This tasty homemade frappuccino delivers a whole lot of flavor and frothiness while only delivering 50 calories per glass. It’s like magic!

  3. Thai Iced Coffee:
    coffee_thaiSteamy Kitchen

    Cardamom and almond extract are what make this iced coffee recipe special and complex in flavor.

  4. Vietnamese Iced Coffee Milkshake:
    coffee_vietA Cozy Kitchen

    Vietnamese coffee is known for being creamy and decadent. So if you’re looking for an extra special treat, why not go for it with a Vietnamese coffee milkshake?

  5. Homemade Iced Mocha:
    coffee_mochaHow Sweet Eats

    If you love the sweet stuff with a hint of coffee, then this blended beverage is the one for you.

  6. Sea Salt Iced Coffee:
    coffee_saltThe Little Epicurean

    Sea salt chocolate is delicious, so we’re guessing the same is true of sea salt coffee! This recipe has the perfect mix of strong coffee, rich cream, sugar and a small touch of saltiness.

  7. Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee:
    coffee_boozeAverie Cooks

    Here’s a great coffee treat to enjoy with brunch this weekend!