When you think of Halloween or fall decorations, you automatically think of pumpkins. We love the orange squash as much as the next autumn-lover, but we have to admit that year after year of jack-o-lanterns has started to get a little repetitive. Simply putting some out around their house in their natural state is nice enough, but come on— it’s a little boring, right? Thank goodness there are so many creative people out there coming up with crazy, exciting, unique ways to decorate our homes with pumpkins and make it the prettiest fall ever. Here are SEVEN of our favorites.

  1. Pumpkin Disco Ball

    Since we’re all used to turning pumpkins into lanterns of the “jack-o” variety, it makes sense that they can be used for even more fun lighting purposes. Enter: this Disco Ball light! It’s perfect for your Halloween dance party, and so easy to make.
  2. Pumpkin Keg
    HollowingPumpkin Celebrations Party Ideas

    The other thing you definitely need for that party? A fun way to serve your beverages! Whatever you decide to put inside it, this pumpkin keg wins for being both functional and decorative.
  3. Power Drill Pumpkin
    DrillingHoleinPumpkinLowe's Home Improvement

    Do you really want a pumpkin to adorn your porch this fall but don’t have the time or the patience to carve a design with a knife? Speed up the process and make cool, one-of-a-kind designs by using a power drill instead!
  4. Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
    CookieCutteronPumpkinBetter Homes and Gardens

    Or maybe you have another problem— you’d love to create complicated hand-carved designs, but you just don’t trust your artistic talent to make them look really good. The answer to your prayers? Using cookie cutters— and not just to trace!
  5. Classy Creepy Pumpkins
    WhitePumpkinsHOW TO: Life Your Style

    Decorating with pumpkins doesn’t HAVE to mean carving them! This video demonstrates two ways to make “classy creepy” Blackjack Pumpkins and White Pumpkins that add a sophisticated feel to pumpkin décor.
  6. 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Preservation
    PreservedPumpkinABC15 Arizona

    However you decorate your pumpkins, there’s no point in doing so if they’re just going to spoil and rot before Halloween even arrives. This two-ingredient solution preserves them through the season and beyond, so EVERYBODY can admire your handiwork.
  7. Glitter Pumpkins
    PouringGlitterPumpkinLisa Pullano

    The other way to make sure your pumpkin décor lasts— use fake ones! This glitter pumpkin is so easy and pretty, you can keep it through all of fall AND winter.

So much fun! I think I’m going to try ALL of these this season and throw the best Halloween party ever. Which is your favorite? Are there any others you think we should add?