When we go to the grocery store, we usually go with a list, whether it’s in our head, on our phone or on a piece of paper. We know what we’re looking for and what we need to pick up; however, we often find ourselves tempted to impulse buy.

The produce section is usually near the entrance of the grocery store, and while some fruits and vegetables are on our shopping list, we’re usually tempted to buy extra. For example, the berries are on sale, or the pineapple looks so tropical and delicious. We think about how we should be eating more salads, so we pick up some romaine lettuce, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Then we get home, and we optimistically wash everything and put it away, excited to eat it in the near future. What’s unfortunate is when good intentions lead to rotten fruits and vegetables.

Have you ever gone to make a salad only to find that the lettuce was rotting? Have you ever chopped into a pineapple to find that it wasn’t ripe yet? We’ve been there too, and it’s disappointing. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. EatMoveRest knows how and where to keep fruits and veggies so that they’ll taste the best and last the longest.

You might be surprised what you should keep on the counter verses the refrigerator. They also offer great tips about what to eat first so that it won’t go bad and what to let ripen for a few days. There are even some produce items that they’ve found will last up to a month (or more). Watch the video below to get all the details including their 7 top storage tips.

We’ve found these storage tips very helpful for meal planning. For example, when we buy berries, we need to use those right away, so we plan meals (fruit salads, smoothies, etc) that include berries early in the week.

If you’re on lockdown right now and thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover, we feel very inspired by the kitchen in this video. Fruit as decor, mason jars for easy storage, and that farmer bucket – add to cart.

We’re not the only ones feeling inspired by these storage tips. One viewer wrote, “I can feel the health trough my screen when you open your fridge.” Another comment reads, “Thank you for the vid. Its very helpful during lockdown. I seriously dont know how to keep this things fresh.”

Whether during lockdown or otherwise, these tips can help us keep our produce fresh longer and remind us to eat those greens! Which one of these food storage tips did you find the most helpful?