Ageless beauty Christie Brinkley burned up Instagram by posting a sizzling picture of herself in a swimsuit during her Caribbean vacation.

The 66-year-old model proved she’s still got it by flaunting her fit frame in a black bathing suit that showcased her toned abs. Brinkley, who’s been vacationing in the Caribbean since early January, let the backdrop of the ocean compliment her already-stunning photo. “She’s Such a Beach! ?? #parrotcay #t&c #luckyhouse,” Christie wrote in the caption.

Brinkley is known for her age-defying looks and candidness about just how she keeps that amazing body looking so fierce. She eats a healthy, vegetarian diet and doesn’t hold back in the gym, where she enjoys cardio and strength training.

In 2018, Brinkley told The Cut she loves running but has had to cut back on the high-impact exercise due to injuries. Instead, she hops on her Total Gym exercise machine (she’s a spokesperson for the brand, FYI), and makes sure she gets regular workouts in — even if it’s just a quick one. 

Brinkley also says she enjoys spin classes, which are known for scorching calories. “I love spin instructors,” she once told Women’s Health. “Sometimes you need a little drill sergeant to inspire you and keep you going.”

When she’s not hitting the gym or squeezing in an at-home workout, she makes sure to keep her body moving throughout the day. Brinkley told The Cut she’s found making little changes during everyday activities helps keep her looking toned.

“I noticed that the second you do any activity and you add your arms as though you’re dancing, it revs you up,” she said. “Whether it’s walking down the beach and moving your arms like you’re swimming, or picking up rocks and walking with them, you really start sweating and breathing heavily. The second you try to adjust those teeny changes, they make a huge difference.”

Still, as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen — a fact Brinkley takes seriously. Her vegetarian diet is also low-carb, though she admits to treating herself to the occasional indulgence. 

“Even on a low-carb diet, you should be able to like, live it up,” she previously told Women’s Health.

It seems Brinkley has found the perfect balance between looking fab and enjoying life. Her Instagram followers have taken notice, hailing the eternal queen in the comments.

“Always inspiring to live a healthy and happy life. Love your joy!” one fan wrote. “Great picture! You look amazing girl! ???,” another said.

We love seeing women building each other up and inspiring each other! What do you think of Christie Brinkley’s post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.