Nothing is more exciting than expecting a child—but what if you’re expecting six children? With six different women? All at the exact same time?
Meet Nigerian entrepreneur Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu—also known as ‘Pretty Mike’—who recently shared a photo of himself with six different women with pregnant bellies. That’s right: All of these women are expecting Mike’s baby around the same time.

The recent Instagram photo also had a clip of Mike and the women all arriving at a wedding. In the video, Mike is seen lovingly stroking or kissing each woman’s pregnant belly.

“PM and his six Baby Mothers to be,” the caption read. “No film trick, we are just living our best life.”

The post received over 75,000 likes, but it had some mixed comments.

Mostly, people were skeptic of the authenticity of the photo. “What’s going on here?” one person asked, followed by a “Why are you like this?”

On his Instagram, Mike describes himself as a philanthropist, youth ambassador, and activist, as well as an entertainer, marketing executive, and nightlife aficionado.

This isn’t the first shocking event that Mike had posted to social media. In 2017, he reportedly put female guests in chains and walked with them on leashes into a wedding. He was alter arrested for his actions.

“Same madness, different years,” one person wrote adding a photo from the event.

In general, Mike’s online presence has a bit of a playboy vibe. In previous posts, he admitted to wanting to have at least five wives, not to mention he posted a video of himself lying in bed with four of the women from the original photo. In another, he’s in the shower with two of them.

To each their own! Can you imagine having six different babies with six different people? What do you think the outcome of this situation will be?