6 Unique Kitchen Hacks to Keep in the Drawer

In the kitchen, you run out of things, stuff breaks, or you might just have limited resources. When in a jam, you’ve gotta use what you’ve got to get what you want done.

Just in case you’re at a loss for how to be a MacGyver in your kitchen, you can thank the internet for endless ideas. Here, we share a few tricks brought to you by Amr Mci. Don’t worry, there aren’t any explosions or bad guys involved.

In the video, there are six creative hacks that feature ways to improvise when a gadget conks out, or how to simply make do. We highlight some of these DIY tricks below.

Bag Sealer

Yeah, you could buy a bag sealing machine and the special bags that go with it, or you could skip that and do this instead. First, put your food or other item into a plastic bag. Heat the spine of an old knife with a flame. We suggest not using one from the fancy set that came from Bed Bath & Beyond, and protecting them from harm instead.

Run the heated knife across the section of the bag you want sealed. Cut off the excess plastic. You’ll have a waterproof, dustproof, and bug-proof bag. Perfect for camping, crafting, or shipping your Etsy wares!

Drink Pourer Whatchamacallit

Sure to impress your friends at parties, this invention allows you to pour multiple drinks at one time. Using a cheap, flexible plastic pitcher, loop a zip tie through the handle. Snip off the loose zip tie end and stretch the loop across the mouth of the pitcher, hooking it onto the spout. Put your drink of choice in the pitcher, pour, and enjoy!

Amaze guests with your finesse or simply save time as you fill up cups three at a time. Oooooh, and what if you make one for each hand? You’ll probably score a few cool points at your kid’s b-day party, but be careful about spills!


So, your tongs broke mid chicken-flip or while you were trying to toss a salad. Nooooo! Or maybe you just can’t find them, even though you know you own a pair. In a pinch, try rigging up some homemade tongs with a binder clip and a couple of spoons. Of all the things these clips can do, this is pretty clever.

Grab a binder clip large or small enough to house the edges of your spoon handles. Flip the clip’s wires back so they look like wings. Thread the tips of each spoon through the round part of the wires, locking them into the clip’s lip. The mouth of the clip should be facing outwards. Make sure the spoons are facing each other. Presto! A new set of tongs.


Be sure to watch the entire video to see exactly how to pull off these kitchen hacks and more. Pass them on to any college kids you know too, because they are probably already doing creative stuff like this anyway.

Do you have your own set of kitchen hacks and inventions? Which of these would you try? Share with us in the comments!