When the sun is blazing overhead on sunny summer mornings, there’s nothing quite like a cold, refreshing iced coffee. But if you’re getting your coffee fix from Dunkins or the ‘Bucks, stop wasting your money and start cold brewing your own. It’s so easy to do, and with these hacks, you can enjoy delicious iced coffee in the flavor of your choosing right at home.

  1. Make Iced Coffee Cubes from Leftover Cooled Hot Coffee:

    No more watered down iced coffee! You can even freeze milk/creamer or other flavorings.

  2. Cool Off With Ice Coffee Popsicles:
    popsThe View from Great Island

    For coffee lovers, this is the perfect not-too-sweet caffeinated treat for summer.

  3. Add a Bit of Cinnamon in the Brew:

    This gives your cold brew a subtle sweetness without packing on the calories.

  4. Use the Coffee Cubes With Your Keurig:
    coffee_brewStuff Parents Need

    Making a brew over ice k-cup? Brew the coffee over coffee ice cubes and you’ve got a perfect, unwatered-down glass of iced coffee!

  5. DIY Flavored Syrups Make Yummy “Fancy” Coffee Drinks:
    coffee_mochaHow Sweet Eats

    Make a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) then add vanilla, cinnamon, or whatever flavor your love. Add these flavored syrups to iced coffee to get a Starbucks quality drink without the hefty price tag.

  6. Make Vanilla Iced Cubes:
    jpg1Oh My Veggies

    Or any other flavored iced cubes you’d like to drop into your iced coffee.