There’s nothing we love more than watching talented children share their gifts with the world, and Ellen DeGeneres has introduced many talented children to the world on her show. For example, this young magician is quite incredible, and boy can this 8-year-old boy sing!

Recently, Ellen welcomed a 5-year-old girl named Violet onto her show along with Violet’s dad, Ryan. The father and daughter talked to Ellen about Violet’s love for Dolly Parton.

Ryan shared that it all started because of Dolly’s Imagination Library where she sends children one book every month. He explained that many of Violet’s favorite books were sent to her by Dolly, and each book includes a small picture of Dolly. Violet wanted to know more about the lady in the picture, so Ryan, who happens to be a musician, decided to play some of Dolly’s songs for his daughter.

Now, Violet loves Dolly’s music as much as she loves her books, and one of the songs she enjoys singing is Dolly’s hit “Jolene.” Ellen asked Violet if she knows what the song is about, and her description was surprisingly accurate for a 5-year-old girl.

After talking about the song, Violet was excited to have the opportunity to sing it for Ellen. She walked over to another couch and sat down next to her dad who picked up his guitar. Not only is Violet a talented singer, but this is a super sweet father daughter moment we’re sure they’ll never forget.

After Violet’s performance, Ellen had another surprise for the young Dolly fan. In partnership with Shutterfly, she had a gift that would be fun for Violet’s whole family.

Watch the video below to hear Violet belt out “Jolene” on the Ellen Show and to learn what gift Ellen and Shutterfly gave Violet and her family.

Are you a Dolly Parton fan? Have you ever been to Dollywood?