Any of you die-hard Ellen fans out there are probably already well aware of the star of today’s viral video, Kai. The kid is still only an eight-year-old, but he has actually been making musical appearances on her talk show since he was four! The little guy’s got such a flair for performance that he has attracted the likes of Bruno Mars and, most recently, Ed Sheeran!

You read that right! Ed Sheeran—the cute ginger who seems to always have a hit on the radio at any given time—actually took time out of his jam-packed schedule to surprise one of his littlest fans.

But, let’s be honest— it’s not like Sheeran was being completely altruistic here, considering Kai is pretty much a star all by himself. C’mon, how many kids his age can say that they have almost 30,000 Facebook followers?

Anyone who tunes into Ellen on the regular knows that the talk show host absolutely LOVES surprises! And though she generally prefers to scare the bejeezus out of celebrities with creepy masks and other scary characters when they’re not looking, she decided to take a bit more of a “ginger” (get it?!) approach for the Ed Sheeran reveal.

Good call, Ellen. He IS a little kid after all.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Of course we love the fact that a megastar like Sheeran spends time to get to know his fans, but we also think that Kai deserves it. After all, he DID start off his interview by giving the host an absolutely adorable Valentine’s (or “Valentime’s” as he calls it) card. It read:

You’re beautiful, and you’re the best, you’re my first girlfriend, and I love you.

I think most ladies would consider themselves pretty lucky to get a card that heartfelt. Are you starting to understand why Ellen likes to spoil her favorite dude Kai so much?

After an intriguing interview where Kai talked a bit about his other favorite musician, Bruno Mars, he started with the requisite singing portion of his appearance. He chose Sheeran’s hit “Thinking Out Loud,” and boy did the kid get into it. He has some moves and hand gestures that are out of this world.

Ed Sheeran and KaiTheEllenShow
In fact, the little man got SO into it, that he didn’t even notice when, about halfway through his performance, a familiar guy with fiery red hair snuck up and sat on the couch behind him. Can you guess how Kai responded when he finally turned around?

Now that we’ve talked the clip up enough, it’s time for you to watch it for yourself. To see the fabulous Kai get to meet one of his singing heroes, be sure to click on The Ellen Show’s video below! Could his reaction get any cuter?!

What do you think about Ellen’s surprise? Do you think that young Kai is destined to be a star? Are you a fan of Ed Sheeran’s? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!