We know there’s a seemingly endless supply of tips and hacks when it comes to eggs, so our team worked hard to show you the top 5 hacks that really work. They’ll appear to be magic before your eyes. Honestly, they work so well, we even found these hacks to be semi-shocking.

What’s fabulous is you don’t need to be Julia Child to master these 5 egg hacks. We’re talking about hot water (from a coffee maker!), your microwave and a few “no flame” techniques to transform most of these everyday eggs! Scroll down to find out how to get the perfect poached egg with zero hassle, tips on preventing an egg explosion in your microwave, and much more.

  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs— in a Coffee Maker!

    To make easy hard-boiled eggs, put your eggs in the coffee pot, run water through the filter, and let it sit on the heat for about ten minutes. Roll, press, and roll to remove the eggshell. This technique makes peeling hard-boiled eggs super easy.

  2. Pierce Yolk! Prevent Explosions!

    Sunnyside up eggs are easy in the microwave! All you have to do is pre-heat your plate in the microwave, swish a little butter around on it and then crack an egg onto the plate. You MUST pierce the yolk at the top gently so it won’t explode.

  3. Omelet in a Mug

    Combine eggs, cheese, veggies and any other toppings in a microwave-safe mug coated with non-stick spray (or butter). Microwave on high for about 1 minute, then stir. Return to microwave and cook until eggs are completely set. The time to set will depend on the microwave.

  4. Perfectly Poached Eggs

    Tie a cracked egg in a pouch of plastic wrap lined with cooking spray. Boil the eggs and voila! You have beautifully poached eggs.

  5. Separate Yolks in a Snap

    Crack an egg into a bowl or plate. In your hand, lightly squeeze an empty plastic water bottle. Hold the water bottle in the squeezed position and touch the mouth of the water bottle to the egg yolk and slowly release the squeeze on the bottle. Voila! Separated eggs.

We talked about endless egg hacks earlier, so here are a few more to try: