For those of you who have missed out on the latest dance crazes to sweep the globe, you can catch up with this new one introduced over the summer. “JuJu On That Beat” doubles as a song and dance title, and has found a following among many, including news anchors, policemen, and toddlers.

Leave it to Ellen to help make these trends mainstream by featuring cute kids in her segments. Four-year-old Tavaris Jones rocked the Ellen mini-stage with his JuJu On That Beat skills. Before hitting the floor with his moves, he explained how he came to know and love the new dance.

When Ellen asked him how long he’d been dancing, his answer was “10 hours.” Clearly that was more than enough experience for him to take on the TZ Anthem Challenge all by himself! Little Tavaris also let Ellen know that although he was self-taught, he watched “the clowns” to learn this new dance. Confused? Creeped out? The only description he gave to Ellen was that the clown had new shoes.

Image of viral dancer being interviewed.The Ellen Show
Let’s clear this up. The song’s creator, Zay Hilfiger, posted a video of his dance group Fresh the Clowns performing a choreographed routine to the song. He labeled the song and dance video “The TZ Anthem Challenge.” What started out as a teenage dance challenge became an internet hit after being shared though the web and social media. The point? Tavaris didn’t learn through that other set of clowns currently lurking all over America.

Answering a few more questions from his interview seat, Tavaris told Ellen that Usher was one of his favorite dancers. His mom chimed in and said that he trained himself in the art through watching YouTube videos. Too cool with his arms folded behind his head, the little pumpkin wrapped his interview by telling Ellen and the audience what he wants to be when he grows up: a superstar. Of course!

Positioning himself on the small, round stage, Tavaris lit it up with the moves that made him a viral star. With shoulders rocking, legs sliding, foot stomping, and cuteness popping, he killed it! All that was needed was for Ellen to jump in and do it too. His tiny version of the running man was all that I needed to see to convince me of his ability. With his mini Adidas tracksuit still intact, Tavaris made a rock star exit.

Image of little boy dancing on EllenThe Ellen Show
It’s pretty safe to wager that many adults – but not all – would find themselves out-danced, out-shouldered, and outlawed when attempting to perform this on any dance floor. But don’t feel discouraged, for Tavaris is proof that with YouTube as a teacher, all dance dreams are possible. If you’re brave enough you can add this one to your lineup of wedding and birthday celebration dances.

There’s probably at least one kid in your social circle that has heard of JuJu On That Beat or any other viral dance and would be willing to show you. Have any of you or your family tried these dances just for kicks? Would you share your version on social media? Share with us in the comments!