A birthday is a very special day for a child. Celebrating with family and friends is definitely something to look forward to, and parents often try to make the occasion as special as possible. From a theme and a cake to a bounce house and presents, many lucky kids have a wonderful party to remember.

Angely Barella recently turned 3-years-old. Her mom, Soany, planned a fun party for her. She rented tables and chairs to set up outside her apartment. From video footage, it looks like it was a “Baby Shark” theme, and there was even a bounce house. It sounds simply magical for a little girl.

Soany set up for the party in the afternoon on October 3, 2020. Later that evening, once the party had started, Soany’s next door neighbor decided to complain. 

First, the complaint was that the noise was too loud, so Soany adjusted the volume of the music. Then, the complaint was that the tables and chairs were too close to the neighbor’s apartment; although, they hadn’t bothered her earlier in the day. The neighbor ended up flipping over one of the tables and tossing chairs, basically destroying the 3-year-old’s party.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Watch the video below to see this devastation for yourself and to hear how the community came together to give Angely the party she deserves.

Many people who have seen this video of the little girl’s party being destroyed are completely appalled. One viewer commented, “This is the worst attack since the grinch’s failed attempt to steal Christmas. And even he had a change of heart..!”

Another comment reads, “I would sue. That’s ridiculous. She could have asked them to move the table over and stay quiet if she’s going to bed.”

Angely’s family set up a GoFundMe so they could afford to throw the 3-year-old another party. They had a goal of raising $1250, but that goal has been greatly surpassed. Currently, they have raised almost $8,000.

Have you ever had a birthday party that didn’t go as planned? How would you have responded if someone had tried to destroy your birthday party or your child’s birthday party like in the video above?