Only 3 Kids RSVPed to Autistic Kid’s Birthday Party, So a Huge Group of Unexpected Guests Showed Up Instead

If you’re a parent, you know that it can be stressful planning a birthday party for your child. First, you or your child needs to pick a theme that’s not too difficult to pull off. Then you need to pick a location for the party. Then there’s the guest list.

Once you finally know who’s coming to the party, it’s just the beginning. There’s decorating, deciding on the perfect cake, and even party favors, but getting those RSVPs isn’t always an easy task.

When kids are little, like for 1st birthday parties, guests are often the parents’ friends and their friends’ kids, but as kids grow up and start going to school, they have friends of their own to invite. It’s exciting to meet your children’s friends and see them interact together at the party.

One mom in Wisconsin invited her son’s entire class to his 10th birthday party. She literally invited 70 kids. The thought of planning a party for 70 children can seem a little overwhelming, but Maranda Karna wanted a very special celebration for her son’s first year in double digits.

You see, Thomas hasn’t had it easy. Not only is he autistic, but he also suffers from congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which is a condition where his stomach and intestines moved into his chest at birth.

As his mom says, “He’s a fighter.”

You’d think she’d have a super expensive, somewhat stressful party to plan with all those guests, but in the end, only 3 people RSVPd and only one of those was a “yes.” Only one confirmed guest out of 70.

To say that Maranda was disappointed is an understatement. She expressed her feelings to her best friend, Stephanie Lovejoy, who came up with a last-ditch effort to get more guests. She promptly set up an event on Facebook to try to recruit people to show up at Thomas’s birthday party in a local park.

The Facebook event shared one special request for guests. Since Thomas loves motorcycles, she was hoping that maybe a few bikers would attend the party. She would have been thrilled if 20 people showed up. She never anticipated just how effective her request was.

Watch the video below to see Maranda’s reaction to how her son’s birthday party turned out, not to mention Thomas’s reaction.

How many people typically attend your kids’ birthday parties? How would you have reacted if this many people showed up?