21 New Twists on Classic Cookout Recipes

Are you dreaming about the weekend already? So are we. We’re especially looking forward to getting outside, enjoying the weather and firing up the grill. If you too are looking for some inspiration for your cookout this weekend, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out some yummy recipes that are perfect for your BBQ, whether it’s a small gathering or an epic party.

  1. Boozy, Edible Watermelon Margaritas:

    Looking for something with a little bit of a(n alcoholic) kick? Try this cool idea!

  2. Chili Cheese Dip:

    This easy 3-ingredient dip is served right in a convenient bread boat.

  3. Egg Salad-Filled Bread Cones:

    You could really put any kind of salad into these adorable bread cones. Your guests are sure to be impressed by these.

  4. Watermelon Shark:

    Fruit salad has never looked better!

  5. The Best Potato Salad:
    potato_saladKira Troilo | TipHero

    Check out 7 secrets for making the best potato salad ever.

  6. Cocktail Corn Dogs:

    These summer treats aren’t just for game day. They’re perfect for any cookout.

  7. Juicy Burgers on the Grill:

    Sure, the ingredients matter when making tasty burgers. But most of the magic occurs in the preparation.

  8. Perfect Indoor Burgers:

    Even if you don’t have a grill, you can still enjoy amazing burgers!

  9. Best Ever BBQ Chicken from the Crock Pot:

    Mix up a crock pot full of this yummy chicken the night before your cookout. Then you can make sandwiches to go with your other cookout fare.

  10. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs:

    For those times when regular hot dogs just don’t sound exciting enough.

  11. Lemon Fish on the Grill:
    Select_a_photo_effect_or_try_goodies_application___BeFunkyKira Troilo | TipHero

    Cooking any fillet on a bed of lemons serves double duty. It infuses the fish with delicious flavor and also makes grill clean up a breeze!

  12. Veggie Bundles Wrapped in Bacon:
    bacon_asparagusKira Troilo | TipHero

    Here’s a creative way to prepare veggies directly on the grill. These cute little bundles are further proof that bacon makes everything better.

  13. Super Simple Corn on the Cobb:
    cornKira Troilo | TipHero

    Don’t want to waste time shucking corn? Try this insanely clever trick and you’ll have corn to go with your meal in just about 4 minutes.

  14. Fruit Skewers:

    Infuse the flavor of cinnamon into fruit with this brilliant idea. We love this for dessert or even just as a snack option throughout the day.

  15. A Pina Colada You Can Eat:

    A tropical dessert like no other!

  16. Dessert Parfaits:

    If you’re only feeing a small group of people, this idea would be perfect. Everyone would get their own little Mason jar dessert!

  17. 10-Minute Ice Cream Cake:

    Ice cream sandwiches do most of the work for you in this impressively fast ice cream cake.

  18. Easy S’mores Dip:

    Everyone can get a taste of summer with this delicious, shareable dip.

  19. S’mores for a Crowd:

    Need s’mores for a lot of people. Just utilize your oven.

  20. 2-Ingredient Pineapple Dole Whip:

    These are cool, delicious and only take 2-ingredients to make.

  21. Watermelon Smoothies:

    Just grab a watermelon and a drill. That’s right, a power drill.