How to Make Delicious Bread Out of 2 Ingredients

In the baking world, nothing seems more complicated or intimidating than making homemade bread. Although bread seems like the most basic form of baked goods, it’s not something many of us have to worry about making from scratch anymore, and therefore making it at home seems like a scary, foreign concept.

But baking your own bread doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, it’s extremely simple to make with this easy-to-follow recipe.

Our favorite part about this recipe? It only requires two ingredients. Hearing that you can easily make fresh bread at home is one thing, but then hearing that you only need two simple ingredients to make it happen?! Unreal.

The most interesting part of this recipe, however, is the two ingredients that are used. Let’s just say that these two food items aren’t something we’d normally consider mixing together — and one of them doesn’t even seem like it should be in a bread recipe! But this unlikely partnership makes for an incredibly simple and delicious bread that no one saw coming.

What are those two ingredients? (We feel like we need a drum roll right here.) Ice cream and flour.

Flour in a bread certainly makes sense, but ice cream? Baking ice cream seems inherently wrong, we’ll be the first to admit that, but the addition of the flour takes this frozen treat to a whole new level.

We would suggest starting with as plain of an ice cream as you can — unless, of course, you’re looking to add some kind of funky flavor to your loaf of bread. If not, though, we would suggest a plain vanilla. To make things even stranger, you’ll have to let the ice cream melt before you can add your flour and mix the two together to form your dough.

True, it seems kind of weird, but think about it; when you get down to it, ice cream is really just cream/milk, sugar, and sometimes even eggs. Those are most of your classic baking ingredients right there, in one convenient package. We’re just used to see it mixed and frozen into the summertime treat we know and love!

Once you see how the dough comes out, all of your skepticism will go away. Combining your two ingredients makes for an honest-to-goodness dough, like what you would see used at a proper bakery to make their fresh bread. So you know you’re on the right track.

To get the full baking instructions from this point on (which we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by!) make sure to watch the full video below. Then go forth and make some amazing loaves of bread with no problem! These make great appetizers for parties or even as gifts, and no one has to know it was THIS easy to whip up your homemade bread.

What do you think of this recipe? Do you have another easy hack for making fresh bread? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.