18 Easy Tricks to Create the Most Beautiful Easter Eggs You’ve Ever Seen

Decorating Easter eggs is one of our favorite springtime traditions, but we have to admit that buying the same kit and dying them the same basic colors year after year can get a little boring. This year, we want to do something a little more special and a little more lovely, and we found the perfect start in this list of ideas from Bored Panda. It inspired us to round up our favorite ideas, tips and tricks for creating the most gorgeous eggs we’ve ever seen. These go beyond basic basket décor to decorations that make your home extra Easter festive. Check them out and pick some to try this year!

  1. Rubber Band Stripes

    Make use of all those rubber bands floating around your home! This super-easy trick can be used to create all kinds of crazy geometric patterns.

  2. Marbleized

    Borrow a technique from our favorite nail art designs and create this marbled look. Your kids will have so much fun with all of the gorgeous, swirly colors.

  3. ”Krazy” Kool-Aid

    Like the swirling design of that last idea but less excited about using nail polish to dye those eggs? Want to avoid food coloring and other dyes? Then use Kool-Aid for a kid-safe and kaleidoscopic look!

  4. Go All-Natural

    Does even Kool-Aid have you worried? You can still get in on the egg-dying fun! Use fruits, veggies, and vinegar for nine all-natural colors you can make from the safety of your kitchen.

  5. All-Natural Herb-and-Flower-Pressed

    Another wonderful way to go all-natural? This traditional Russian technique of creating color with onion skins and gorgeous designs with pressed herbs and flowers.

  6. Dye-Free and Napkin-Wrapped

    Decorating doesn’t have to mean dying! These beautiful eggs get their patterns by being wrapped in flowered napkins, and the result is as perfect-for-spring as it is easy-to-do.

  7. Tattooed

    Another fun dye alternative: temporary tattoos! This frugal idea – you can get tattoos at the Dollar Store – gives you all kinds of detail, like a sticker that won’t peel off.

  8. DIY Yarn Eggs

    Who says your Easter eggs have to be actual eggs?! These yarn versions are just as fun, just as beautiful, and won’t go bad or trigger any egg allergies. You can also try this version for an extra dose of Easter candy.

  9. Rice Krispies Eggs

    Prefer your egg alternatives to be edible? Give these Rice Krispies versions a try! Bonus: there’s a sweet surprise inside each one.

  10. Foiled

    You don’t need a goose to get these golden, silver and bronze eggs! Just brush on as much or as little metallic leaf as you want to create shining, centerpiece-worthy eggs.

  11. Watercolored

    One of the best ways to make a beautiful Easter egg? Treat that shell like any other canvas, grab your watercolor paints and colored pencils, and let your inner artist out!

  12. Sharpied

    An even simpler way to give in to your artistic impulses? Just use a Sharpie or another black marker to create a modern, black-and-white look.

  13. Mosaic

    The best material for decorating an egg just might be another egg. That and some Mod Podge or glue is all you need to create this incredible mosaic design.

  14. Piñatas

    Use little bits of crepe paper to make the cutest Easter piñatas ever. Plus, if you use blown-out eggs, you can stuff them with more paper or little candies for a great surprise for your friends.

  15. Sprinkled

    Get a fun multicolored look using just sprinkles and tacky glue! This idea also works with Styrofoam or other craft eggs and glitter, too.

  16. Scrambled Lines and Letters

    Use electrical tape or vinyl letters between dips in different colors to create a one-of-a-kind graphic look.

  17. Tie-Dyed

    We’re not talking about a sixties-era psychedelic pattern here— we mean LITERALLY died with neckties! Grab some silk ties from a thrift store or ugly ones nobody in your house wears anymore, and transfer the design to the eggs with this simple method. The uglier the tie, the prettier the egg!

  18. Lace Patterned

    Wrap your eggs in lace before dipping them in a dye made of food coloring, vinegar and boiling water for a delicate, lovely, and intricate look!

Who knew there were so many ways to decorate eggs?! We can’t decide which idea to try first. What about you? Grab even more information from Bored Panda’s original list and tell us which one are your favorites!