17 Beauty Hacks That Look Weird But Really Work

Our beauty routines are important to us; they’re not just how we get ready for our day (or night) but they’re how we express ourselves and how we transform into the most confident versions of ourselves. That being said, these routines should be as easy and enjoyable as possible!But, as we all know, that is so much easier said than done.

But, as we all know, that is so much easier said than done.

If your messy cat eye or difficult hair is preventing you from achieving your beauty goals efficiently, then you need to hack your routine! Here are 17 of our favorite beauty tricks — some of them might look a little odd, but trust us, they’re game-changers.

1. Bobby Pin Contouring

If you’ve dared to try contouring, then you know it’s a risky business. Should you pull it off, you’ll sculpt an incredible look — but if you don’t, it can look pretty obvious that you messed up.

To get an effortless looking nose contour, all you need are some guidelines! A stretched-open bobby pin is all you need to nail the look.

2. Get Perfect Eyeshadow

Nothing pulls a face of makeup together like a fresh coat of eyeshadow, but eyeshadow application isn’t something a makeup novice can just pick up overnight. This brilliantly easy tutorial is going to show you the easiest, coolest way to get perfect eyeshadow every time.

Hint: Your foundation may or may not play a role here…

3. Fix Cakey Foundation

Foundation is supposed to be a “fixer,” if you will. It’s meant to blur pores, reduce redness, and hide anything we don’t want to flaunt on our face. But if you apply your foundation incorrectly, it can look unflattering and cakey — basically the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Let makeup guru Stephanie Lange show you how to avoid this dryness and fix it if the damage is already done.

4. Use Weird Makeup Tools

Look in your makeup bag and you probably won’t see one tool that you desperately need to start using: a spoon. This utensil isn’t just for your morning cereal anymore! Here are eight genius ways every beauty routine could benefit from a little spooning.

5. DIY Highlighter

One of the most underused and most fabulous makeup products is a highlighter, which gives your face a luminous glow by light the highest parts of your face (hence the name.) No need to run out to the store and invest though, not when you can make your own highlighter right at home!

6. Remove Makeup Naturally

Trying to stay away from harsh chemicals in your routine? A quick substitute for chemical makeup remover is using all-natural coconut oil instead! Here are a few more ways coconut oil is the secret beauty weapon you’ve been missing.

7. Hide Roots Fast

If your roots are coming in and you don’t have/patience to touch up with dye, there’s a beauty product you need to know about. It’s called a tinted dry shampoo and it’s the perfect spray to keep your hair from getting too oily while disguising roots effortlessly.

8. Mattify Any Lipstick

Glossy lips aren’t as popular as they once were. Nowadays, the matte lip is all the rage. If you want to get that matte look but you only have a glossy lipstick/gloss, all you need is a little face powder to make some DIY magic.

9. Get a Flawless At-Home Mani

Doing your nails at home might be easier and cheaper than going to the salon, but odds are it’s going to look messier than when a professional does the job. Well, all you need is this toiletry staple to keep polish off skin and get a perfect manicure.

10. Reduce the Appearance of Pores

Now, you can’t make pores shrink, it’s physically impossible. But you CAN try this quick, easy tutorial to make them look smaller and less noticeable!

11. Use Your Pin Correctly

Bobby pins can be a godsend — if you’re using them right. Should you notice that these little guys slip right out of your hair, make sure you’re putting them in BUMPY SIDE DOWN. These are the “grips” of your pin and will help everything stay in place.

12. Get Gorgeous Curls

If you’re a curly girl, there’s one big rule you need to abide by: DO NOT WRAP YOUR HAIR IN REGULAR TOWELS. Normal bath towels encourage frizz and are the enemy of lovely curls! Instead, use an old t-shirt, like in this clever technique.

13. Keep Skin Smooth

Winter time is the bane of soft, smooth skin but it’s tricky to keep skin looking smooth all-year round! Luckily, you can beat flaky skin with a few odd tips from beauty expert Jennifer Chiu. One of our favorites is this trick for doing a DIY dermaplaning routine right at home.

14. Fake Fuller Brows

Eyebrows are definitely having their moment, especially if they’re big, full, and natural. If that description is NOTHING like your natural brows, don’t fret! This five-step routine from ModaMob is a low-maintenance way to keep brows looking full, not fake.

15. Ditch Facial Cleansers

We’re not trying to war against store-bought facial cleansers, but there is a DIY option that’s right in your kitchen and amazing for your skin. Olive oil! Here’s why you might want to consider trading in your foaming cleanser for this homemade version.

16. Make Your Pony Pop

There are few things we hate more than a flat ponytail. We love this go-to hair style, but how can you get it to look full and perky every time? Apparently, with just a few bobby pins!

Try sticking two bobby pins under your pony to keep it propped up all day long.

17. Nail the Winged Liner

Everyone makeup lover’s goal: achieve the perfect cat eye flick. It’s usually a daunting task, but not if you have some masking tape on hand. Sounds weird, but putting a little tape at the corner of your eye is the exact guideline you need to avoid messy lines.