Here’s a First Look at the 150+ New Emojis Coming in 2018

Emoji lovers everywhere have something to be excited about, because there’s a host of new symbols joining the family on June 5 of this year. A highlight of this year’s crop include a selection of ginger people.

We love redheads, and they’re finally getting some digital text-worthy recognition. This is right on time considering the love being thrown towards Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Unless you’re a part of this world, you may not now that there’s been a campaign going on behind the scenes for Unicode to launch a set for this oft-neglected group. An Emojipedia spokesperson has said they’ve received numerous complaints for months on end about gingers being underrepresented. Not anymore.

It’s taken some time, but yay, now it’s time to celebrate! But there is more. Also being released as part of Unicode’s Emoji 11.0 lineup are superheroes, supervillains, pirate flags, bagels, and mooncakes. Over 150 new emojis are being added to the existing 2,666, bringing the total to more than 2,800!

Count on seeing hot faces, cold faces, and hungover faces, as well as animals like kangaroos, peacocks, and lobsters. Lots of food items are joining the gang, creating opportunities for people to use them as intended, for silly reasons, or corrupting them to make a point (we’re looking at you, eggplant).

Don’t be surprised to see some of these symbols being co-opted to convey coded meanings in the world of non-verbal communication and texting. What may be news is that although these are being released, it is up to each software vendor to design and offer these as they wish.

That means Apple, Google, and other Android companies can customize these designs according to their own standards and they may show up differently on each platform. Additionally, rollout dates may vary according to when the updates take effect for each one.

You may see these available fairly quickly for social media apps like Twitter, but it still could take a few months for them to show up in your Apple or Android device. Emojis not yet available but on the horizon? Apple’s proposed disability emojis.

The company submitted their idea to Unicode to include a small, but diverse set of options for those who are disabled. Among their handful of suggestions are a guide dog, prosthetic limbs, individuals in wheelchairs, and an ear wearing a hearing aid. If approved, they could be available as soon as next year.

Click on the video below to get a look at some of the cute new emojis arriving to a device near you soon. Not only will redheads be doing cartwheels, but also curly-headed folks, science buffs, and skateboarders.

Since people are finding creative and hilarious ways to express themselves with emojis, this new batch are a welcome addition to the crowd. Now, we just have to wait patiently for them to land on our devices.

Are you a redhead who’s excited about this new launch? What do you think of some of these new symbols? Are you an emoji fanatic?