15 Useful Nail Polish Hacks For Every Day

One of the things not in shortage on the internet are nail polish connoisseurs. They share their amazing artistic talents, brand love, and info on new product releases. If you’re really about that nail polish life, you will find bloggers and internet moguls doling out unconventional advice on how to use it too.

As it turns out, nail polish is not just for nails anymore. Even if you’ve never been much of a polish connoisseur yourself, it can come in handy. Nail virtuoso and video blogger Meliney drops 15 handy polish hacks in this video below from Rumble.

  1. Bug Bite Relief

    Go and grab the clear polish to stop the insatiable itch from a chigger or mosquito bite. You might even like it better than walking around with pink calamine polka dots on your body.

  2. Decorative Paint

    Have you ever thought of nail polish being a miniature container of paint? Because it is. Meliney uses it to paint over house numbers, but you can try it as a corrector for things like lamps, shoe heels, compact mirrors, or whatever else you want. Go crazy!

  3. Touch-up Car Paint

    With all the different colors available, try covering up small dings or scratches with just the right shade of silver, black, purple, or your whatever fab color your car is.

  4. Marking Keys

    If you have multiple keys that resemble each other, use nail polish to color code the tops. For those with an artistic flair like Meliney, go with her idea of painting the entire key in a cool design.

  5. Threading Needles

    Coat the frayed end of the thread with clear nail polish. Allow it to dry completely and then thread your needle. This can used for hand or machine sewing jobs.

  6. Envelope Sealer

    Rare is the person who likes the taste of envelope sealant. When you don’t want to use your tongue or a piece of tape, reach for a clear bottle of polish to paint over the envelope’s glue strip. Use it to seal.

  7. Button Tightener

    Use clear polish again as a sealant for threaded buttons on your clothes. Brush the fronts and backs of the buttons with the polish. The hardened polish will help keep the threads and buttons in place.

  8. Repair Costume Jewelry

    With its glue-like qualities, clear polish is the perfect candidate for disguising quick fashion jewelry repair jobs. Meliney demonstrates how to replace a rhinestone piece in a necklace by using polish as an adhesive.

  9. Secure Small Screws

    Eyeglass and tiny screws you may find in things like watches or cameras can be kept in place with clear polish. Apply with the polish brush or something smaller like a toothpick.

  10. Prevent Rust Rings

    Do you ever get annoying rust rings from cans of cleaning products, hair spray or shaving cream? Apply a light coating of clear polish to the bottom rims of the cans to prevent the rust rings from forming.

  11. Metal Jewelry

    Jewelry that’s become discolored and can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction can be coated with clear polish. The polish will serve as a barrier between your skin and the jewelry.

  12. Liquid Bandage

    For small cuts from paper or knives, you might want to try nail polish as a waterproof liquid bandage. If you don’t have any regular bandages on hand, clear polish can act as a sealer and protective shield.

  13. Waterproof Matches

    Meliney points out that campers can use nail polish to make matchsticks waterproof. By just painting the tip of the sticks, the ignitable end will be guarded against wet conditions.

  14. Plantar Warts

    As Meliney notes in the video, plantar warts are viral growths and need oxygen to survive. You can cut off that oxygen supply by covering them with a clear coat of polish. Be sure to take her advice and dispose of the bottle once you’ve used it for this purpose.

  15. Polish Remover

    For those times when you’ve run out of polish remover, or you need to get that stubborn glitter polish off, use nail polish as a remover! Brush some polish over the painted nail, wait about 30 seconds, and wipe it off while it’s still wet. Repeat until it’s completely removed.


Everyone’s probably already familiar with the runny stocking nail polish hack, but these tips can also be added to your arsenal. This list might give you a reason to snag that pretty metallic wine color you’ve been eyeing – or stock up on clear nail polish instead. Have you ever tried any of these hacks? What other ways do you use nail polish? Share with us in the comments!