12 Easy Ways to Get Relief from Mosquito Bites

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So even after all of your preparation in trying to keep the bugs at bay, you’ve been defeated by a, or several, persistent bug(s). What now? You know you’re not supposed to scratch those bites as you know that could result in a pretty nasty infection. But how on earth do you soothe that terrible itching? Here are some easy ways we found from around the web to get some relief without scratching your skin off.

  1. Use an ice cube or ice pack on the bite.
  2. Rub the inside of a banana peel directly on the bite.

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  3. Make a paste of salt and water and rub directly on skin.
  4. Make a paste of baking soda and water to rub on bite.
  5. Apply lemon juice, or rub lemon slice right on the area.

  6. Crush some aspirin tablets and mix with water to make a paste.
  7. Soak bitten area in an Epsom salt bath. Or soak a cotton ball in water and Epsom salt and apply.

  8. Apply toothpaste to the area.
  9. Apply a wet used tea bag to the bite.

  10. Apply a roll on deodorant to the bite (weird, but it works!)
  11. Rub coconut oil on the area.

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  12. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and rub on the bite.