Whether you’re a cake-baking aficionado who makes desserts so grand they could be displayed in a museum, or you’re just a “bake from scratch” newbie, there’s no arguing the fact that, when it comes to baking and crafting cakes, everyone can use all of the help they can get! (If you don’t agree with this statement, you’ve clearly never attempted to make anything outside of Betty Crocker’s domain.)

Because we want you to fully realize your baking potential, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 most valuable cake-related hacks we could find, from preparation to cooking to presentation. For full tutorials and bonus tips, be sure to follow the links below!

  1. Frost a cake in under 2 minutes

    The secret to a perfectly-frosted cake? A microwave, of course! Simply throw a can of your favorite pre-made frosting in the microwave for 30 seconds, then frost the cake by pouring the ooey-gooey concoction directly onto it. Brilliant!

  2. Steam your bundt cake on the stovetop

    Stovetop Chocolate Bundt CakeTipHero

    Get the moistest bundt cake you’ve ever tasted by forgoing one thing— your oven. Instead, place the bundt cake pan directly on your stove top, cover, and steam for about 45-50 minutes. Trust us, you’ve never tried bundt cake until you’ve tried steamed bundt cake.

  3. Remove bundt cake without risking a crumbling disaster

    And once your steamed bundt cake is ready to be eaten, make some delicate cuts to the outside circle of the pan and flip it over onto a plate to catch it. Repeat this technique until the bundt cake loosens.

  4. Decorate your cake with edible lace

    Add a touch of femininity with this lace-decorating hack! To get the look, stir together a mixture of cake lace powder and water and spread it onto a cake lace mat. Once finished, throw the mat into the oven before applying to the sides of your cake with water and a paintbrush. A great choice for a bridal shower!

  5. Cut your round cake into perfect pieces with a cutting board

    Ever wonder how round wedding cakes produce perfectly-rectangular portions? No, it’s not an act that is performed by a baker who also happens to be a mathematical genius, it is just a baker who has a very ordinary tool on-hand— a cutting board. Here’s how it works…

  6. Or a mixing bowl!

    Of course, placing a mixing bowl in the middle and cutting lines around the circle will also give you the same perfect rectangular pieces. Easy as pie! Or, er, cake.

  7. Craft a cake casserole

    A true sweet tooth takes each and every opportunity to get as much sugar in one bite as they can. Sound familiar? If so, then consider trading out your cake pan for a deep casserole dish. One example of this is the lasagna cake, a sweet treat that has thick layers of cream cheese, pumpkin puree, sheets of graham cracker, caramel, and pecans. Yep, our mouth is watering, too!

  8. Make three cakes in one

    We love cakes with distinct layers and textures, but hate spending hours cleaning up the many pots and pans the recipes usually call for. That’s why we love this magic 3-layer cake recipe; it’s one that melds together sponge cake, custard, and fudge– all in one pan. Amazing!

  9. Decorate your cake using only powdered sugar

    Love to bake the cake part of the cake, but hate the whole decorating aspect of it all? If so, powdered sugar is your best friend! Just cut some parchment paper into funky designs and lay it on top of your chocolate cake. Once the paper is perfect, sprinkle on the powdered sugar and gently peel off the waxy stuff. You’ll be left with a seriously awesome, completely customized design. Cool, huh?

  10. Quickly frost a tricolored cake

    Get funky, tricolored floral embellishments by filling three small piping bags with different colors of frosting, then place each one inside a large piping bag. Once settled, squeeze onto the surface of your cake for a treat covered in psychedelic flowers. Baking hacks don’t get much easier than that!

  11. Bake an egg-free cake

    Bake a vegan or allergy-friendly cake by substituting eggs for mashed banana, silken tofu, or applesauce. Even the most hardcore of egg-eaters would never be able to tell the difference!

  12. For extra flavor, just poke holes

    If you’ve never poked holes in your cakes, then you’re seriously missing out on what we like to call a “flavor explosion.” Here are 12 recipes to get you started…

  13. Only settle for the shiniest glaze possible

    We like our chocolate cake one way and only one way—shiny enough so that we can use it as a mirror! To create the magic on your own, simply add gelatin to the glaze and pour over after the cake has chilled. Stunning!

  14. Use celery for floral designs

    Preschool teachers already know where we are going with this one. Just dip the end of a celery stalk in your favorite frosting and lightly dab onto the surface of your cake in a floral pattern. Cute!

  15. Paint your design onto the cake

    Let’s face it–piping can tire out those hands fast! Instead, paint your design, either using a stencil or your imagination, onto a Silpat with tuile paste while the cake is baking. Once complete, shape the cake with a joconde, before carefully applying the Silpat to stamp on the custom design. How cool is that?!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these cake baking hacks! Which one are you planning on trying first? Do you have one of your own that you would like to share? What is your favorite type of cake?