Can’t get enough of summertime? As temperatures continue to rise, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather by spending as much time in your backyard as you can. Not only is it a great space to relax, it serves as the perfect spot for creating and displaying DIYs!

Here are 15 of our favorite do-it-yourself backyard design ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below.

  1. Fire Pit

    DIYFirePitHeaderHouseholdHacker in Rumble

    Add some heat to those toasty summer nights with this rustic DIY fire pit. Did someone say “s’mores”?

  2. Rag Rug Lamps

    rag rug lampsMark Montano

    Nothing spices up the look of a yard better than a burst of color! These rag rug lamps will add some dreamy technicolor beauty to even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

  3. Floating Patio Chair

    pallet chairOWN

    We can’t get enough of this creative twist on the standard porch swing. This is a piece of outdoor furniture that will really get your guests talking—and swaying!

  4. Solar Lanterns

    DIY Solar LanternsDoItOnADime

    Just because you need a bit of extra light in your backyard doesn’t mean you need to plunk down a ton of cash on added fixtures. Believe it or not, this illuminating project only calls for materials found at the dollar store. Score!

  5. Shutter Fence

    shutter fence 2Cottage in the Oaks

    Add some dimension to your yard with this out-of-the-box DIY. Who knew shutters could be so versatile?

  6. Cinder Block Bench

    cinder block loveseatSuzelleDIY

    You wouldn’t believe it, but this ornate outdoor bench/tool holder is primarily made out of cinder blocks. Proof that, with a little bit of elbow grease, ANYTHING can be turned into a work of art.

  7. Tire Flowerpot

    tire planterAddicted 2 DIY

    The smartest way to transform a flat tire into a displayable home for your prized begonias.

  8. Gazing Balls

    gazing ballsSmart Fun DIY

    Yet another dollar store project favorite, these faux gazing balls are sure to add some charm to any garden.

  9. Fairy Garden

    fairy gardenClutterBug

    Struggling to get your little ones into yard work? If so, then this entirely customizable fairy garden is most certainly the project for you.

  10. 3-Tier Herb Garden

    3-tier gardenThe Lawn Care Nut

    A must for gardeners who have limited space in their yards. This super easy DIY will give your cherished flowers a real lift!

  11. Clay Pot Lighthouse


    This little lighthouse is not only adorable; it also serves as a unique light source that looks great in any setting. As a bonus, these things make for great DIY gifts!

  12. Window Shelf Organizer

    windowshelfAna White

    Sometimes the most ingenious outdoor design ideas come from repurposed materials. We love this window shelf organizer because it’s: 1) unexpected and 2) takes up no precious ground space. Sweet!

  13. Pallet Planter

    pallet planterLovely Greens • Garden Living on the Isle of Man

    Keep those strawberry plants in line with this clever pallet planter. From the warehouse, to the backyard, to the bedroom, pallets may just be our new favorite upcycled material!

  14. Outdoor Chalkboard

    outdoor chalkboardHey There Home

    A must-do project for any parents of kids who love to draw with chalk. That’s one way to keep your driveway clean!

  15. Patio Pavers

    patiopaversCountry Living

    Dropping a few steps onto a grassy area adds dimension to the flattest of backyards. To personalize them, just add paint.

We think that most (or all!) of these projects would look great in practically any backyard. Time to add some serious zest to your outdoor space!

What do you think of these backyard design ideas? Have you made any of these before? What is your favorite backyard or garden DIY project?