We all know by now that avocados are a super food. A little know fact? Avocados are also great for breakfast! That’s right, they’re not just for lunchtime salads or snack time guacamole dips. If you want to incorporate this healthy fat into your breakfast, try one of these 15 delicious breakfast recipes featuring avocado. Trust us, you will definitely be starting your day off right.

  1. Scrambled Avocado Eggs

    Avocado Scrambled EggsThe Iron You

    Scrambled eggs are a breakfast classic, but when you add some avocado to the mix? You make your eggs creamy, more delicious, and bursting with metabolism-boosting fats! Now that’s a better way to scramble.

  2. Avocado Hash

    Avocado HashCoconuts and Berries

    I don’t know about anyone else, but hash is one of my FAVORITE breakfast items. Or at least it was until I laid eyes on this avocado hash. Dice up some avocado and throw it on top of your boring potatoes to add some serious flavor.

  3. Avocado Pizza

    Avocado PizzaPositive Health Wellness

    Generally, people think of pizza as a “lunch and dinner only” thing. To that we say, poppycock! Toast up a tortilla in the oven, then mash up some avocado into a paste to use as sauce. Top off with any breakfast items your heart desires – fried egg and bacon pizza, anyone?

  4. Avocado and Pineapple Smoothie

    Avocado SmoothieThe Greedy Gourmet

    More of a smoothie fanatic? Avocados have got you covered there, too! Try this tropical avocado and pineapple smoothie to give your taste buds an island getaway before work.

  5. The BLEAT

    Breakfast BLTPip and Ebby

    This fun twist on your traditional BLT defies your regular sandwich norms! Instead of just the bacon, lettuce, and tomato, throw in a fried egg and some sliced avocado (that’s the E and A, in case you didn’t catch that) to make your BLT breakfast-worthy.

  6. Avocado Blueberry Muffins

    Blueberry Avocado MuffinsGimme Some Oven

    Confused? It does seem a little weird that avocado would be in blueberry muffins. But avocado is actually a healthy baking substitute for things like butter and eggs! Grab your avocado and get baking.

  7. Egg in Avocado

    avocado_eggSpry Living

    When you remove the pit from an avocado, you’ve got this big random hole in the middle. What are you supposed to do with that? We’ll tell you what – put an egg in it!

  8. Avocado Sushi


    Sushi…for breakfast? You read that right! This lettuce-wrapped sushi is filled with breakfast favorites like egg, bacon, tomato and, of course, avocado. This is a fun, unique way to enjoy the most important meal of the day

  9. Mexican Quinoa Bowl

    MexicanQuinoaBowlFood Network

    Believe it or not, this is a breakfast bowl! Quinoa grains act as a bed for chopped tomato, black beans, and avocado slices. For those who prefer spicy over sweet in the AM.

  10. Avocado Pigs in a Blanket

    pigs in blanketsPositive Health Wellness

    Pop open some Pillsbury crescents and stuff them full of avocados, cheese, and scrambled eggs! A much healthier way to enjoy this flaky breakfast treat.

  11. Poached Egg Avocado

    Egg in Avocado FinalCooking Light

    Again, with that empty avocado hole! If you don’t want to just fry up an egg inside, be a little fancier and POACH an egg inside your avocado. A little tricky, but so cool to look at (and eat).

  12. Guacamole Breakfast Bowl

    GuacamoleEggBrowlKitchen Sanctuary

    Remember: guacamole = avocados. So it totally counts. This is somewhat of a breakfast salad, if you will. A bed of leafy greens holds a hard boiled egg, onions, spices, and creamy guacamole.

  13. Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast


    Looking to get a little fancy at breakfast? Two words for you: smoked salmon. Smoked salmon on anything makes for instant class – and it’s downright delicious and healthy for you, too! Add this super food to another by adding some smoked salmon with other fun toppings to some avocado toast.

  14. Nacho Avocado Toast


    Another great variant of avocado toast! Add some salsa (spiciness optional) and throw some cheese on top. Then toast the whole thing up and you’ve got yourself a big, gooey, breakfast nacho!

  15. Avocado Eggs Benedict

    Avocado Recipes FI 2Positive Health Wellness

    Few things pair as well as avocado and Hollandaise sauce – so that means it’s eggs Benedict time! Instead of just going for a poached egg and sauce, throw a slice of avocado into the mix and enjoy the amazing combination of flavors.


Do you eat avocados for breakfast in a different way? Share your favorite recipe in the comments section below.