If you’re in the kitchen a lot, you’ve probably wondered how to make cooking, baking, and simmering over a hot stove all day easier. While making a meal can be fun, it almost always takes longer than we think.

That’s where all those “As Seen On TV” products come in. Sure, they look great on TV, but do they actually work? Not to worry—here are 13 products for your kitchen that may have begun on a cheesy infomercial, but the reviews say they’re great.

Check out these handy products to make your time in the kitchen that much easier.

  1. Microwave Pasta Cooker

    Because boiling and draining water is SO old school (and who actually has time for that?). This pasta cooker gets nuked, leaving no mess and perfect al dente pasta every time!

  2. Scrub Daddy Sponges

    These were one of Shark Tank’s major winners, and it’s easy to see why: the Scrub Daddy goes soft in warm water and firm in cold, plus it never scratches and cleans (or scrubs, if you will) like a dream.

  3. Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

    A pan perfect for the brownie edge lover—you get two edges per brownie, every single batch!

  4. Nutrichopper

    nutri chopper

    Four different cuts (that help you do it five times faster than a regular knife), three blades, and even includes its own portion container. Plus, it’s portage and accessible for easy storage. What more could you want?

  5. Rapid Egg Cooker

    rapid egg cooker

    Egg lovers, this one’s for you. Just a few words: Eggs. However you want. Whenever you want. No stovetop required. Boom.

  6. Drain Cleaner Sticks

    drain cleaners

    These little guys can instantly stop that greasy build-up that clogs drains. You just use one piece each month and voila! Bye-bye, grease.

  7. Debbie Meyer GreenBags

    The most convenient way to keep fruits, vegetables and even cut flowers fresh longer (they can be reused over a handful of times!).

  8. Rapid Ramen Cooker

    Sure, we don’t NEED something that will make delicious ramen in the microwave, but it’s definitely very, very high on the want list.

  9. Rapid Mac and Cheese Maker

    Okay, can you sense a trend? This one also isn’t what you’d call a total necessity, but let’s face it. If you can make boxed mac and cheese in a fifth of the time, then we’re definitely adding it to the cart.

  10. Gotham Steel Double Pan

    gotham pan

    This nonstick double pan makes breakfast a breeze—pancakes, frittatas, omelets, bacon, French toast and more, all cooked to perfection thanks to its nonstick copper and rubber grip handles, making it easy to flip.

  11. Safe Grabs

    We wonder why these silicone microwave mats weren’t invented before they appeared on Shark Tank? Not only are they the perfect way to remove hot food from the oven, they’re also super versatile, acting as a trivet, splatter guard and much more!

  12. Silicone Reusable Storage Bags

    Say goodbye to plastic baggies for good—not only are these reusable many times, but they can even go in the oven and microwave, plus the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

  13. Thaw Claw

    Raise your hand if you always forget to take frozen meat from the freezer on the day you want to cook it. The Thaw Claw will be your lifesaver, which can defrost frozen meat seven times faster!

Which of these “As Seen on TV” kitchen items would be your first pick?