Nobody wants to get the coronavirus or to spread it to others; however, we acknowledge that some people are more high risk than others. If an otherwise healthy person in their 30s gets the virus, for example, his or her chances of recovery seem like they would probably be higher than those of someone who gets sick in a nursing home.

Don’t be so quick to jump to assumptions.

Shelley Gunn’s grandmother, Jennie Stejna, is 103 years old. Gunn describes her grandmother as a feisty woman, but yet, when Stejna contracted the coronavirus, Gunn feared the worst. 

When Stejna developed a low fever, she was immediately moved away from other residents in the nursing home. She was the first one there to contract COVID-19, but she was not the last. According to a nurse at the nursing home, Stejna didn’t exactly understand COVID-19. She just knew that she was very sick.

Gunn even went as far as saying goodbye to her grandmother. She pretty much expected that Stejna would not recover. 

Gunn’s husband, Adam, asked Stejna if she was ready to go to heaven, and her response met with her feisty personality. She said, “Hell yes!”

Stejna has lived a full life, and it can be understandable that at the age of 103 she might be ready to go. Her husband of 54 years passed away back in 1992. Since then, she has kept busy playing bingo, crocheting blankets and reading. She also has quite a few descendants, 2 children, 3 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren.

Yet, the coronavirus was not going to get the best of Stejna. She made a full recovery. She is the first person in her nursing home to recover, and it definitely deserved a celebration. The nurses treated Stejna to a Bud Light, a drink that she used to enjoy but had not had for a very long time.

Learn more about Stejna’s story in the video below.