We try to be good; we really do. Trouble is, whenever we swear off sweets, the Internet hits us with another cake recipe that is just too good to resist. We’re thinking that maybe it’s time these cakes are stopped, and Food Network agrees with us. Check out the latest temptations we’re facing.

  1. Ice Cream Cone Cake
    IceCreamConeCake For ListVaikai ir Vanile

    Don’t worry when you first click this link— the original recipe is in Lithuanian, but the taste of this treat is pretty all-American. Just let Google do the translating and enjoy this summer-perfect confection.
  2. Piñata Cake
    PinataCupcakesSomewhat Simple

    Food Network highlights a lime and macadamia version, but if you want to check out an easier type with some slightly different flavors, check our Piñata Cupcakes
  3. Guinness Chocolate Cake
    GuinessChocolateCakeLittle Box Brownie

    You might remember this idea from our version with Baileys, but either way, Guinness adds an extra bit of special to dark chocolate cake.
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
    ChocolateChipCookieDoughCheesecakeThe Girl Who Ate Everything

    Some recipes are content to throw some chocolate chips into regular cheesecake and call it a day, but not this one. Instead, feast on cheesecake that really does taste like cookie dough, baked in a crust actually made out of cookies.
  5. Chocolate Mousse Cake
    ChocolateMousseCakeFood Network

    Is there anything more sinfully delicious than chocolate mousse? How about a cake with some of it baked right in? That’s what we thought.
  6. Strawberry Frasier Torte
    StrawberryTorteFood Network

    As if the mousse nestled on top of a lemon sponge cake wasn’t enough reason to adore this dessert, we love it even more for reminding us of one of our favorite mousse cakes.
  7. Reeses Brownie Ice Cream Cake
    ReesesBrownieIceCreamCakeBakers Royale

    Is the title of this one not enough to convince you? Just look at that picture of peanut butter, chocolate, brownie and ice cream together and tell us you’re not feeling a craving. When it comes to dessert combinations, have we ever steered you wrong?
  8. Oreo Cookie Cake
    OreoCookieCakeI Am Baker

    If the last one didn’t convince you, maybe THIS one will.
  9. Charlotte Royale
    CharlotteRoyaleFood Network

    It worked for pies, and it’s definitely working for this cake. Check out those Swiss rolls wrapped around decadent Bavarian cream!
  10. Chocolate Beer Cake
    ChocolateBeerCakeSugar Buzz

    What can’t beer make better?! Here’s a twist on our Guinness-y favorite that makes use of a lighter kind of beer. Also, don’t worry— like the first recipe on tis list, the original is in another language, but Google Translate will clear it right up!

Feeling tempted yet? If not – and if yes – you should check out Food Network’s list, where there are 11 more cakes just begging you to say, “Diet? What diet?” What other cakes do you have a hard time resisting?