The kitchen is probably the most important room to keep clean— and also one of the toughest! Thanks to its vital role in our lives, the messes reappear almost as soon as we get rid of them. Messes usually mean yummy food, so we can’t complain— except when those messes are the tough-to-fight, stick-around-forever grease variety. No matter how careful a cook you are, at some point you’re going to find you’ve got a tough mess to clean up, whether it’s on your counter, your cabinet, or yourself. When that time comes, don’t resort to store-bought bottles of all-purpose cleaners with mystery ingredients. No, stick to natural, chemical-free, DIY methods! How Stuff Works inspired us to round up our ten favorite natural grease-fighting tools. Read on, and stock-up on:

  1. Flour for immediate spills
    Flour, eggs and milkMelpomene

    The best way to get rid of greasy stains? Stop them from setting in the first place! If you’ve splashed some grease or oil, sprinkle some flour immediately onto the spill. It’ll feel like you’re making a mess, but the flour will soak up the liquid and make it much easier to wipe up!
  2. Baking soda and soapy water for your stovetop

    Did you bake some stains onto your stove while baking your favorite dish? All you need is a sprinkling of baking soda, some soapy water, and the right technique.
  3. More oil for your cabinets

    “Water and oil don’t mix, but oil and oil do!” And if you use either mineral oil or vegetable oil, you can cut through the grease build-up on your cabinets. It works on appliances, too!
  4. An Alkaline cleaner for laminates
    Epsom SaltsArtistic Endeavor via Dollar Photo Club

    Maybe you just don’t like the idea of cleaning with more oil, or maybe you’re worried about translating that last tip for your painted or laminate cabinets. Whatever your reason, there’s a solution just for you: this DIY Alkaline cleaner made from Epsom salts, Borax, hot water and soap or detergent. Use with a microfiber cloth and start off gently! This method also works great on your walls, too.
  5. A DIY cleaner for your floors
    floor scrubbing mopcunaplus via Dollar Photo Club

    The messes that we walk around – or even on – can be harder to spot than the ones right in front of our faces, but that doesn’t mean they have to be more difficult to clean. Use a mix of vinegar, dish soap, washing soda and tap water to make your own grease-cutting cleaner.
  6. Dish soap and vinegar, or . . .
    wineTidy House

    Sometimes, the messiest thing in the kitchen ends up being ourselves! Whether we’ve dropped and dripped wine, pizza grease, or cooking oil on our shirts, this solution clears it right up!
  7. . . . aloe vera for your clothes
    Aloe Vera White Before and AfterTipHero

    Another great solution for set-in, oily shirt stains? Aloe vera, of all things!
  8. Salt and rubbing alcohol for other fabrics

    As annoying as it is when we stain our clothing, at least we have the option of throwing it into the washing machine. Rugs, carpets and chair cushions? Not so much. For harder-to-wash fabrics, mix 1 part salt with 4 parts rubbing alcohol, then use a cloth to rub the mixture into the stains and lift the grease away.
  9. Lemon and oil combined for fighting power
    lemons-cut-open-txt-no-750alexlukin via Dollar Photo Club

    The natural acidity of lemons makes it the perfect natural ingredient for a great-smelling, general grease fighter. Combine it with a vegetable-based oil for a DIY all-purpose cleaner.
  10. White vinegar to clean everything
    WhiteVinegarBottlesMike Mozart via Flickr

    You’ve noticed it popping up in lots of other solutions for a reason! Similarly to lemon, vinegar’s natural acidity makes it the perfect all-purpose grease fighter, especially when you combine it with dish soap or natural oils. Keep a ton on hand for whatever stains, wherever and whenever they appear!

So great to know that we don’t have to rely on mystery ingredients to clean up even the toughest grease stains. Grab more information and tips from the list on How Stuff Works, then tell us if there are any go-to grease fighters we missed!