Do you feel stressed out very often? While there are many great stress management techniques, from exercise to diet to meditation, whether or not you feel stressed out may be due to which state you live in.

Zippia recently released their list of the 10 most stressed out states, and we found some of them surprising.

To determine the stress level of people who live in each state, Zippia considered many factors that cause stress including commute time, number of hours worked, unemployment, population density, the percentage of the population that’s uninsured and home price to income ratio.

Here’s a short video about the top 3 stressed out states: 

Want to know what other states made the list? Here’s a summary of the top 10.

  1. New Jersey

    New Jersey is the winner for the most stressed out state. With long commutes, long work hours and high home prices, it’s really no surprise.

  2. Georgia

    We didn’t expect Georgia to rank this high on the stressed out meter, but it turns out that many residents are uninsured and unemployed. Those that are employed often have long commutes. Yup, those things all sound stressful to us.

  3. Florida

    Can you really be stressed out in the home state of Walt Disney World? Turns out the answer is a resounding yes. The state of Florida has the third highest uninsured rate in the U.S.

  4. California


    Wine country, Hollywood and stress. The housing price to income ratio in California is the second highest in the country, so many residents are struggling just to pay the rent. Good thing you can stock up on 2 Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s!

  5. New York

    New York residents have the longest commutes of any other state in the nation. The cost of living is also extremely high. Even the hotel rooms are extremely expensive.

  6. Louisiana

    New Orleans Beignets 1TipHero

    Residents of Louisiana work extremely long hours. Housing is affordable, but with all those long hours, who has time to relax at home?

  7. Maryland

    Think of Maryland as the Washington D.C. substitute on this list since most people who work in D.C. actually live in Maryland and Virginia. Maryland residents have long commute times (actually, the 2nd longest in the country), and many residents are working in D.C., so yeah, stressful.

  8. North Carolina

    North Carolina

    We didn’t expect to see North Carolina on this list either, but like Georgia, many residents are unemployed and uninsured which means they can’t relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches and mountains in their home state.

  9. Virginia

    Once again, most D.C. workers live in Maryland and Virginia, so it makes sense that Virginia residents are stressed out too. They have long commutes to D.C. and long work hours once they get there.

  10. Mississippi


    Mississippi is a very dangerous state to drive in and they also have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Along with unemployment, many residents don’t have insurance either. Those that do have jobs work long hours, so you can’t win with or without a job – it’s all stressful.

In summary, if you’re thinking about moving and you’re trying to decide which state to live in, you might want to skip the states on this list.

Do you live in one of these states? How do you deal with stress?