Got bananas that look like giraffes? Those with freckly brown spots are healthy for you, fighting against cancerous cells in the body. But what if you don’t want to eat them straight out the peel?

Don’t dump them into the trash can. And don’t let the fruit flies enjoy them! Bananas are capable of being so much more than a grab-and-go snack. Get creative, mash them up, and turn them into something delicious with a few sweet recipes.

We know some of you have a special place in your hearts for aging bananas, so you’ll appreciate this roundup of delectable bites. Some of you may become quick converts into lovers of spotty bananas once you see the things you can do with them.

Fry ‘em up and fill them with chocolate. Marry them into a custardy poke cake with pudding! Do something you’ve never done before and make an upside-down banana bread with a caramel glaze. Or try spinning them into something tasty that you see in this video like. . .

  1. Pancakes

    Pancakes are the perfect medium for overripe bananas for several reasons. One: they smell sooo good when they’re cooking and when they make it to the plate. Two: you can do a lot with two smashed bananas. Three: they’re already sweet, so you don’t need extra sugar.

    Mash up a couple bananas to toss into your batter and jazz it up with some cinnamon. Top with nuts, peanut butter or maple syrup and go crazy!

  2. Banana Oatmeal Cookies

    With butter, sugar, banana, and oats, it’s hard to find something wrong with the way these cookies taste. Moist in texture and rich in banana flavor, a banana oatmeal cookie will have you feeling like you’re eating a healthy breakfast. Yup, cookies for breakfast!

  3. Cream Cheese Banana Bread

    Honestly, there are so many different directions you can take a banana bread recipe, but anything with cream cheese in it has to be a winner. That’s why we’re sharing our own version with you. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Smoothies

    No fruity recipe list would be complete without a smoothie recommendation. Go healthy and combine your bananas with some coconut milk and another fruit. Tempt yourself with a milkshake by freezing them first and adding in some chocolate. Or, put a boozy twist on your shake by adding some rum or bourbon to it. Have fun serving those up at your book club brunch!

Jot down some more recipes by watching this entire video. When you’re done whipping up all these treats, be sure to save your peels for the compost pile, bug bites, or the rock star of your garden.

Remember, the next time you’re eyeing your bunch of ripened bananas, don’t write them off as garbage and don’t mark them as breakfast-only food. Instead, look forward to them turning into something special after three to five days.

Do you treat your overripe bananas like unwanted guests? Are you a lover of sweet, spotted bananas? What’s your favorite thing to make with them?