Cleaning is one of those tasks we learn in pieces, with our parents or roommates teaching us some things, and other aspects we pick up and improvise along the way. So it makes sense that there are some mistakes we’ve incorporated into our routines along the way. And, funnily enough, a lot of us are making the SAME mistakes as each other!

Since learning how NOT to do something is as important as learning how to do it correctly, Clean My Space is here to help. In the video below, they go over all of these common mistakes and how to overcome them—and they’re pretty simple too!

For example, do you spray your kitchen counter with cleaning solution and then immediately wipe it down? Guilty! In the video, we learn that the product actually needs “dwell time,” aka some time to sit and do it’s thing. That’s why it’s important to spray it down and then walk away to go do something else—you’ll actually save more time this way, since the counters will actually be clean—vs. trying to do it quickly and leaving residue behind (and thus, having to clean them way more frequently!).

Another common mistake people make is using the wrong products for the wrong products or areas in their home. For example, have you ever had the motivation to clean your TV, only to stand back after you’re done in panic as you notice it looks even MORE dirty due to steaks all over the screen? Yeah, there’s a solution for that: It’s called read your cleaning product labels (oh, and invest in some handy microfiber cloths).

Additionally, there are certain products that people may not even be aware that you need to clean—like your sponge! Yes, you don’t always need to throw it out when it gets grimy. At least every week, you can salvage your sponge by simply throwing it in the dishwasher or even boiling it for a few minutes. That said, there is of course a time to toss the bacteria-laden sponge and start new.

There are lots of other things Clean My Space can teach you—like do you know how to properly dry a toilet brush? How long do you let cleaning sprays sit before wiping? Learn all that and MORE in this great video round-up.

Are you guilty of these common cleaning mistakes? Were you aware of any of these cool tricks and tips to clean more efficiently? Which tip do you think you’ll try first?