Here’s a fun fact you probably already know: Wine makes us happy. It’s scientifically proven, you guys.

In fact, on top of feeling more giddy on the inside, your outside tells the story just as well. And since sometimes drinking more than a couple glasses of wine at a time can get a bad rep, photographer Marcos Alberti’s wanted to prove that in a fun, creative way.

His photo project, 3 Glasses Later, documents various people after they’ve had one, two, and three glasses of wine. The photos are then grouped together to show what happens to us physically after all that vino—and the photos are even better than we could have imagined.

Sure, the subject looks slightly happy in the first photo, but the difference between that one from the last is vast. Their smiles are wider, their hair is messier, and they certainly look much friendly. And happier.

“I wanted to show the good side of drinking,” Alberti said. “With friends, in a good and happy environment, and with moderation, wine could be good stuff. [It can] bring people together.”

The concept is simple: The first picture is taken before the person had any wine. Then a second, third, and fourth photo is taken after the first, second, and third glasses of wine. Doesn’t matter how long the person took to drink it—just that they drank it!

All of Alberti’s subjects are friends who volunteered to help out (hey, who wouldn’t?). The photos speak for themselves. Each glass of wine definitely altered moods to a huge degree. See for yourself in these amazing photos below.

  1. Cheeeeese.

    Image of Marcos Alberti photoMarcos Alberti Photography

    The smile just gets wider and wider.

  2. Happy as a clam.

    Are we sure the first and last photo are the same person?

  3. Some people got a little sweaty.

    Sweat there be wine.

  4. And some couldn’t control their laughter.

    Warning: You may need to remove your glasses to wipe happy tears from your eyes.

  5. Hair went into messy buns.

    Because girlfriend cannot do that much hair down by a third glass.

  6. And sometimes hair came down.

    She’s really letting loose!

  7. There’s no hiding the sheer joyfulness.

    Image of Marcos Alberti photo

    Happy, happy, joy, joy.

  8. Some got a little hungry…

    The drunk munchies are real.

  9. Some had to hide their wine teeth…

    Cabernet can really stain those pearly whites, you know.

  10. On cloud wine.

    And never coming down (Until tomorrow: Yikes).

  11. Dresses became napkins.

    Because who has a care in the world?

  12. And tongue’s came out.

    Rock on, lady.

  13. There’s no denying that happy go lucky feeling.

    It’s written all over everyone’s faces.

  14. Even the burliest of men can’t escape wine’s hook.

    It just reels you right in.

  15.  Pure happiness.

    There’s no escaping wine’s effects.

  16. Sometimes you even have to remove your shirt.

    Wine makes you hot, after all!

  17. Seriously, the hunger was real.

    What’s wine without some cheese, anyway?

  18. No matter how rough your day was…

    I mean, just LOOK at that difference between the first and last photo.

  19. …Wine is clearly always the answer


Sip, sip hooray! How does one, two, or three glasses of wine make you feel? Would you ever dare to document it yourself?