Why Duct Tape is Essential in Your First Aid Kit

Duct tape is a miracle worker in a lot of situations. One place where this cheap material can be used in many ways is in your very own first aid kit. Take a look at some helpful ideas:

  • Splinter Remover: you can remove splinters by placing a piece of duct tape over the area on skin where the splinter is. Press the tape down firmly and lift the tape away. Be sure to clean and bandage the wound afterward.
  • Wart Remover: by applying the duct tape to a wart, you can start to minimize its appearance over time. Replace the duct tape everyday for about 2 months.
  • Make a Splint:

    Find two straight sticks. If you have any padding, shirt, bandanna, etc., wrap it around the arm. Then place both sticks on either side of the arm and wrap the duct tape around both the sticks and the arm. Do not make it too tight. As soon as possible seek the help of a medical professional.

Learn how to make a sling with duct tape, among other things, over at Instructables’ Duct Tape in Your First Aid Kit.