Where to Buy Deli Meat Whole?

I recently purchased a meat slicer on sale at Lowe’s to save money. We have a 7 member family so I shop more often at Sam’s Club in bulk. I buy the large pork loin rolls, slab of Beef Rib Eye steaks, etc at a great discount to already sliced…

We had been cutting w/ a regular knife which took more time but worked. Even single people or small families can do this. We could then freeze as many a portion as we wanted to put together and just pull out which amount we wanted.

I decided on the slicer to also get savings on lunch meat and cheese. I have managed to find a few whole loaves and bricks of meat and cheese but not all that I want. We have found a 10 lb slicing turkey and 5 lb hickory smoked ham at Sam’s. Any sources for additional types of meat and cheese would be welcome in the comments.

I currently use Freezer bags for storing but am thinking of the food saver as well. Will be researching that next.

Homepage photo credit: chadmagiera