Ways to Use Leftover Paint

Extra paint is a terrible thing to waste, yet it might be difficult to come up with uses for it. Check out the facts from DIY Life.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leftover paint is the largest volume material collected by hazardous materials collection sites and costs local governments a lot of money to deal with. The EPA estimates that 10 percent of the house paint purchased each year ends up discarded. There’s got to be a better way.

Here are some alternatives to disposing of that leftover paint:

  • Mix New Paint: if you have two similar types of paint (i.e. two different colors, but both water-based paint), then try blending to come up with a unique color for another project.
  • Use for Base Coat: if leftover water-based paint in lighter than the top coat of another project, you can use it as a base. This works especially well if the existing wall color is dark.
  • Paint Small Projects: get creative! Try painting your mailbox with leftovers. Experiment with what you have.
  • Save it for Touch-Ups: may be the most obvious option, but a practical one nonetheless.

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