Why Everybody You Know Is Talking About This Towel

Ladies, we’re going to level with you about a problem we all experience but aren’t necessarily jumping to talk about. It’s hot, you’re sweating, and you’ve been doing your best to keep droplets of sweat at bay. But despite your airy clothes and face setting spray, there is one area of your body that WILL sweat, no matter what precautions measures you take: your boobs.

Yeah, it’s a little embarrassing to talk about, but don’t lie and say that you’ve never experienced boob sweat in any way before. Everyone has, it’s all good.

Well, now there’s a fascinating new way to keep your boobs from breaking a sweat — or at least to keep them dry when they inevitably start sweating. It’s an invention called the Ta-Ta Towel and the internet is losing its mind over this literal “over the shoulder boulder holder.”

Woman wearing Tata Towel.Bored Panda
According to the Ta-Ta Towels website, creator Erin Robertson came up with her invention on an L.A. date in 2015, before a date no less:

“…As I got out of the shower and started getting ready, I could not stop sweating…because my tiny A/C unit was broken AND it was the beginning of summer…I tried everything: I tucked wash cloths under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a t-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs…I just kept thinking: “There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach.”…That night, I was lying in my bed thinking about all the different ways I could solve this problem… and then it hit me. I sat up with excitement!! “I’VE GOT IT!!”

Woman wearing Tata Towel.Bored Panda
I made a pattern by taping four pieces of printer paper together… After I tore up every last towel in my apartment, I finally had my prototype…I started handing the towels out to my friends to get some feedback…A friend of mine got rashes under her breasts due to moisture buildup; after using the towel, her rashes completely disappeared…Pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers are loving the Ta-Ta Towel, too!…The ultra-soft rayon liner was made with sensitive nipples in mind and also absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding…Whether at the spa, gym, or just lounging around the house, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your boobs’ new breast friend.”

Not going to lie, we’re sold, and the internet agrees with us for the most part. Most people seem intrigued, others are straight-up PUMPED. A few critics are wondering how anyone would try wearing this under their t-shirt, but we’re not quite sure if that’s the intended purpose of the Ta-Ta towel?

But hey, it’s your towel, use it however you want!

Woman wearing Tata Towel.Bored Panda
The TTT is available for pre-order in four colors, and they cost $45 apiece. There are three sizes: small (big C-DD), medium (DDD-E), and large (F-H). If you’re confused about the sizing, it may because smaller boobs don’t sweat quite as much as larger breasts!

What do you think about the Ta-Ta Towel? Would anyone out there give it a try? Make sure you share your thoughts on this invention.