Simon Cuts Off This Singer Mid-Performance

Performing in front of people is terrifying. Performing in front of millions of people on a talent show watched worldwide? That is just next level frightening. Well, that’s what 16-year-old singer Hope Murphy was faced with when she decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. She went up on stage, ready to sing an upbeat number — but we’ll never know how that song played out for young Hope. Why? Because in this already scary experience, Hope was faced with something heart-stopping.

Just seconds into her first-round audition for Britain’s Got Talent, judge Simon Cowell cuts her off. And if there’s one judge who you do not want to cut you off, it’s Simon Cowell. Of course, any judge asking you to stop before you’ve ever begun to sing isn’t a good thing, but there’s something incredibly intimidating about Simon. He’s infamous for his harsh criticism and feared by performers, but we also know that he just wants these singers to put their best foot forward and really challenge themselves. And that’s what he was asking of Hope.

Understandably, the 16-year-old girl gets flustered for a split second, but quickly recovers and waits to hear Simon’s comment. What Simon wants is something that would make most singers gag.

“I’ve heard that so many times,” Simon tells Hope. “I wanna hear something different from what everyone else is singing.”

Like we said, it’s clear Simon is trying to encourage Hope to be her best, but it must have been so scary for her; the song that she was so confident about, the one she had most likely been practicing day in and day out, was not what was going to get her on the show. Hope runs her other song choices by the judges, and Simon instantly settles on “This Woman’s Work,” a soulful power ballad by English singer/songwriter Kate Bush.

Hope singing "The Woman's Work."Britain's Got Talent
Thankfully, Hope does an extraordinary job. At 16, her voice is extremely well-developed and controlled, even over the difficult runs and higher notes of this intense ballad. Best of all, she has the emotion this amazing song requires; you can see it in her large eyes and you can hear it in her powerhouse voice.

The judges were clearly blown away by her second choice of song, and we were, too! I had chills all up and down my body listening to her sing.

Not only did Hope knock her audition out of the park, getting a “yes” from all four judges and moving her onto the next round on the show, we were seriously impressed with how she reacted to this interruption knowing her family (and millions of other people) are watching. On live TV, she was asked last minute to sing a COMPLETELY different song. Not only did she respond like a pro, but you know that her talent is real; this wasn’t rehearsed, it just came naturally.

What do you think of this incredible 16-year-old singer? How would you have handled Simon Cowell cutting you off mid-performance? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.