Septic Tank Help

I read a tip last month that has really helped my toilets and septic tank! I do not remember where I read this tip, could have been on TipHero, great tips here!

Anyway, The tip was to use 3 regular kitchen yeast packages (I pay $1.12 for 3pks at Walmart) and flush 3pks down each toilet in the house to help keep your septic tank clean and toilets flushing well. And it works!!

I had some problems with “sluggish flushing toilets”, not anymore, I have done this 2X’s in 30 days and,even my granddaughter, 16, noticed! My husband is soo proud of me and if the person who sent in that tip sent it to TipHero, all I can say is thanks so very much! And if you are having this problem, please try it, it sure beats plumbing fees(sorry plumbers).

I also use 2T spoons of regular baking soda and 1/4 cup white vinegar down each sink in the house once a week, then flush with hot water. I have never had any problems with stopped up sinks. This keeps everything very clean and free flowing and it’s cheap, less than $1.00 for a box of soda and less than $2.00 for a gallon of white vinegar. And it is enviromently freely plus it last forever.

One more tip for anyone interested in growing roses. I take 2 quarts of my leftover dish water and pour over my roses, and other flowers, vegetables, etc to kill bugs, water and stops fungus that can grow on your plants. I also take any old bananas, instead of composting, I now freeze the bananas “whole”, peels and all, then a couple of times a month I use them as “spikes” and shove them into the ground next to my roses. This is pure potasium and roses love it! Your blooms and colors next year will be gorgeous. I learned this from a master gardener of flowers and roses.