Part-Time Work May Be Available as a U.S. Census Worker

Looking to make a few extra bucks? Are you able to do part-time work? Then you might be in luck. Apparently there are a lot of part-time U.S. Census jobs available right now. According to Trent from The Simple Dollar blog:

With the dawning of 2010 comes the once-per-decade United States Census – and with it comes the need for hundreds of thousands of part-time workers to help with local census results.

Trent provides a whole bunch of useful links regarding U.S. Census jobs, including a link to a map provided by the U.S. Census that shows pay rates for jobs throughout the U.S. In a quick search we did, we found jobs for $11 (South Dakota) to as high as just under $20 (Massachusetts). We only checked a handful of states, so be sure to check the map to see the U.S. Census job hourly rate for your local area.

Trent explains what a Census worker does, as well as how you can get started (“the first step is to contact your local census office”).

Here’s the link to the main page about U.S. Census jobs:

2010 Census Jobs

Also be sure to check out Trent’s post for lots of other useful information and links:

Census Worker: A Brilliant Part-Time Opportunity