This Horse Makes It Impossible for This News Reporter Not to Laugh

You know what they say – anything can happen on live TV. Thankfully, this news report wasn’t live, because this Greek news reporter would have had a tough time keeping it together in front of all their live viewers. Why? Well, this reporter is trying to get the perfect shot for a story, but a fan keeps interrupting his takes! And it’s probably not the type of fan you’re imagining in your mind.

While filming in front of a horse barn, this reporter keeps getting prodded and poked at…by a horse in the stable.

Horse makes reporter laugh.LittleThings

This horse is persistent! He wants to be the center of attention and he’s not going to stop until he’s in the limelight, clearly. He tries just about everything to get the reporters’ attention and steal the shot! Whether he’s nibbling on his ear, licking his face, bumping the reporter with his nose – with each new take he comes up with a new way to steal focus.

Eventually, the reporter can’t take it anymore – he just breaks down laughing! We honestly can’t blame him. How could you possibly keep a straight face with a horse acting this silly? The reporter even starts talking to (and occasionally cursing at) the horse to try and get him to stop. You can probably guess how well that worked out.

Our favorite take is when the reporter starts to get into his story and the horse is just leaning his head gently on the reporters’ shoulder, staring at him! The reporter turns around so slowly and then just burst out laughing when he sees the horse looking at him quietly. Hilarious.

Horse leaning on reporters' head.LittleThings

You might be asking yourself, why don’t they move to a different place to get the shot? We were wondering the same thing. The only thing we can think of is that the whole crew was determined to get the take, no matter how long it took! They probably ended up missing their deadline, but they all got a good laugh.

Not only is this an adorable video (this horse is so cute!) but it’s so hard to watch without cracking a smile yourself. Between the horses’ hilarious antics and the new reporter who just can’t keep it together, this is the perfect video to lighten your spirits! Busy work day ahead? Mid-afternoon slump in the office? Turn on this video – it’s guaranteed to make you smile!

What do you think of this hilarious horse trying to steal the spotlight? Did you crack up watching this video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.