This News Anchor’s Reaction to an Unusual Story Will Make You Crack Up!

We all love scouring the internet and happening upon hilarious viral videos. Our personal favorites are ones that feature mistakes made on live TV—and, boy, there’s a lot of them! One of the best out there comes from a reporter who tries her darndest to get through a ridiculous news story without laughing. This one is almost painful to watch!

The report starts rather conventionally, with the anchor telling her viewers the story of a recent award winner.

The subject of the report is Thomas Thwaites, an Ig Nobel Prize winner who decided to have special prosthetics made so that he could live among goats. Yup, you read that right. This guy essentially became a goat for the name of science!

goat man climbing up mountainTim Bowditch
The reporter starts cracking up when she says: “He did it because he wanted a simpler life.” I’m sure the awkward footage of Thwaites eating grass with the goats wasn’t helping to calm her composure!

Unfortunately, the reporter was laughing too loudly to finish the story, but here are some of the facts that you missed about this goat-impersonating scientist.

  • On his decision to leave his life in London and travel to the Swiss Alps to “become a goat,” Thwaites tells the Daily Mail: “When I first had the idea a lot of people called me crazy, but I was fed up with my life anyway and I needed a break. I was jobless and I had a lot of personal problems, and I found everyday life so stressful.”
  • The designer made his prosthetic legs with one goal in mind: to achieve as many “goat-like” movements as possible.
  • He really did eat REAL grass for his stay with the herd.
  • Thwaites found a farmer that would tolerate him living on his land as a goat. Eventually, the goat herd accepted him as one of their own—a real goat! Now, I have to admit, that’s pretty cool!                                                                    
    Thwaites being kissed by a goatTim Bowditch
  • It’s an odd story, but Thwaites’ journey has been backed by top universities, and he even won a special Ig Nobel Prize Award for his research.

What was that, you say? You’ve never heard of an Ig Nobel Prize Award? Well, one other important point that the anchor could not mention while she was in the midst of her hilarious giggle fit is that these awards are essentially parodies of Nobel Prize awards.

According to the organization, the first Ig Nobel Prize Awards were given out in 1991 with the aim to “honor achievements that first make people laugh, then make people think.”

You’ve got to watch the video below to see this poor news anchor try to get through this ridiculous story. Believe us, this one will have you busting a gut, too!

Have you ever attempted any hilarious experiments akin to Thwaites’? What is your favorite viral news blooper? Would you ever live as an animal for a while? Let us know all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!