Couple Reunites Lost a Snow Globe with its Owner

When Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend were at the Tampa airport, they saw a sad sight at the security line. A man was being forced to throw away his granddaughter’s snow globe because of the liquid inside the memento. He complied sadly, went through security, and disappeared from sight.

The couple immediately  decided they weren’t going to let his belonging sit in the trash. They dug through the airport garbage and found the disposed-of snow globe. Now all that was left to do was to find the stranger who it belonged to.

Thanks to the power of social media, Amarri set out to find the owner. She posted a few different pictures of the snow globe with a lengthy Facebook post, explaining what she and her boyfriend had witnessed in the airport and what they did afterwards. Amarri posted it, hoping to get at least a few hundred shares.

Little did she know that her good dead was about to go viral.

Viral Facebook post looking for globe owners.Fox News 13
A week after posting the lost-and-found item, her post had been shared a whopping 48,000 times. With all that internet attention, she was thankfully able to find the rightful owner of the snow globe. Actually, someone else stepped in to connect the dots; an employee of the local Things Remembered recognized the globe, searched through her purchasing records, and found the family who had order the personalized item. She then gave their number to Amarri, who finally reached the family she had been searching for.

The rightful owner of the trinket, Linda Modry, appeared at Amarri’s home the next day, with a bouquet of flowers for the young woman. Tearfully, she hugged Amarri before accepting the globe from its rescuer.

“This was something very special,” Linda told the Fox News 13 cameras. “It was for our granddaughter, for Katie, because my son had just adopted her, on Jan 25th.”

Linda expressed how blessed she felt to have this important item back in their lives, and that she couldn’t believe a stranger would go through all these lengths just to return a snow globe. Amarri, on the other hand, knew from the moment she saw the globe that it had to be returned.

“My mom always raised us to be good to people,” Amarri told the cameras. “If it were me and I lost my snow globe, I would want the same to be done for me.”

To put the cherry on top of this touching story, Linda went ahead and called her granddaughter to tell her they had found her present. The little girl had apparently been crushed when her grandparents couldn’t bring the snow globe back from Ohio, and was overjoyed on the phone when she heard the good news. Her adorable reaction was enough to bring Amarri, the heroine of our story, to tears.

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