When These Sisters Walked on the Court Holding Jump Ropes, I Never Expected THIS! Wow!

When sisters Kata and Adrienn Bánhegy came to entertain at the halftime of this woman’s handball game in Austria, no one was expecting to be wowed like this. It’s doubtful that many of the people at the game knew who the Bánhegy sisters were…but we DOUBT they’ll forget their names now, not after the amazing performance they put on! Watch the video below to see the whole amazing halftime show – you’ll be blown away.



For those of you don’t know (which is probably many of us), Kata and Adrienn Bánhegy are widely considered the best jump ropers in the world.

You can see that, right?

This dynamic duo as won several international championships and titles, securing their place as some of the most talented and charismatic jump ropers to ever, uh, jump. We wish we could jump rope the ways these amazing women do! So incredibly impressive.