How to Shop Smartly at the Farmers’ Market

There’s nothing like shopping at a farmers’ market, especially around this time of year. By shopping, you can find new, in-season produce to enjoy while also supporting local family farms in your area. Take a look at some helpful tips from Get Currency for making the most of your trips to the farmers’ market:

  • Know Your Greens: the majority of farmers will not offer out-of-season produce, but occasionally you’ll find a vendor who tries to supplement their income by selling produce that they didn’t grow themselves. Check out this seasonal produce list from Seattle’s Farmers’ Market Association to find seasonal produce for your area.
  • Skip the List: Get Currency recommends skipping the list at the farmers’ market and saving it for the grocery store. When you’re at the farmers’ market, try looking for what’s least expensive and figure out new ways to cook with those ingredients.
  • Do a Walk-Through: multiple farmers may be selling the same items, especially at larger farmers’ markets. Be sure to walk end to end before you decide what to purchase and who to buy from. You wouldn’t want to miss a good deal just because you didn’t wander far enough through the market.

Find more great farmers’ market advice over at Get Currency’s Smart Shopping at the Farmers’ Market.